How to Prevent Wrinkles: Top Tips To Limit Skin Aging

Collagen Cream

There are some people that want to look young forever, but that is almost impossible to do, as our skin would wrinkle and show signs of aging as we get older. However, there are many ways for us to slow down the process of aging in our skin, and most of these … Read more

Face Contouring; A Perfect Way to Shape Your Face

A Perfect Way to Shape Your Face

Makeup has always been the favorite thing of the ladies. To look good is what everyone wants but achieving perfection is somewhat difficult, especially when it comes to face contouring. We all want the big eyes, the slimming effect on our face, and dimples along with suitable skin color but to make … Read more

Best Yoga Exercises to Tighten the Skin

aman exercising

Due to the alarming increase in the number of diseases, everybody wants to stay fit. And for this, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise. Obesity is considered the basis of many diseases, and many people think it can be overcome by dieting and exercise. Exercise and diet can help … Read more

What are the Types of Cosmetic Laser Procedures?

facial treatment with laser procedure

Many people opt for different beauty procedures to make their skin smoother and look more beautiful and flawless. Some of the things that most people are conscious ofinclude unwanted body hair, age spots, and acne. But a lot of advances in the medical aesthetics industry and laser technology have offered more treatment … Read more

How to take care of different skin types

woman skin

Did you know that there are different skin types found in hands? The nature of skin varies amongst individuals, and of course, every type of skin reacts differently to varying conditions. That’s the reason buying skin products isn’t easy. Not every product that worked on your friend’s skin, will work the same … Read more

Tips for Dealing With Stretch Marks

A pregnant belly full of stretch marks

Stretch marks are triggered by rapid growth, indicating how it affects collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It’s the substance that holds the body together, giving the appearance of smooth and bouncy skin. However, collagen production lowers as you get older, … Read more

How to Tell If You’re Allergic to Your Makeup

eye shadow palette and brushes

It is common for some people to have allergic reactions when they drink milk or soy or eat seafood. That can be sad, right? But how about those that have a cosmetic allergy or makeup allergy? Well, that can be heartbreaking, but it’s true. People can be allergic to certain cosmetic products, … Read more

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Most people think that the dark circles under the eyes, or what we call eye bags, are caused by lack of sleep. Staying up all night is always the first thing that we blame for having dark under eyes. Well, it is indeed very important to get adequate sleep if you want … Read more