Can You Go From Pierced Earrings To Clip-Ons?

A closeup image of a woman wearing gold earrings

If you have ever had pierced earrings, you know that the process of taking them out and wearing them back in can be a bit of a hassle. Not to mention, it can be pretty difficult to find clip-on earrings that actually look good. Well, what if you know that there is … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Chains for Silver Pendants

Chains for Silver Pendants

Sterling silver Pendants are some of the most ideal jewelry pieces to wear. Their primary purpose is to give your neckline a balanced look. For your pendant to achieve the look you desire, it requires a chain. While it may seem obvious, choosing a chain for a pendant is not always straightforward. … Read more

Why Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?


Diamond has been tagged as a girl’s best friend when Marilyn Monroe first sang the song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in the 1950s from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Up until now, we keep hearing the phrase because diamonds, indeed, are a girl’s best friend. But have you ever wondered … Read more

Wearing Pearls Everyday for a Glamorous Look

Wearing Pearls Everyday for a Glamorous Look

Dainty and beautiful, pearls can accompany any type of outfit to add a vibe of demure sophistication and glamour. Some may think that wearing pearls can make you look like your grandma, but designers and fashion experts think otherwise. Pearls are perfect for every girl and women of all ages because of … Read more

Guide to Anklets Fashion

Anklets Fashion

A lot of fashion trends come and go, just like the anklet. Remember the 90’s when people used to rock their outfits with a fashionable anklet? Or perhaps you’ve worn at least one growing up? But if you think anklets are unacceptable for a glamorous woman that you are – we heard … Read more

Vintage Glamour Style Earrings


Vintage refers to anything that is older than 20 years but not younger than 100 years. Earrings are one of the types of jewelry commonly used and were subject to the changes in fashion throughout the ages. When you think of vintage earrings, most probably you imagine glamorous pieces inspired from the … Read more