Can We Make Waxing Less Painful?

a woman showing her armpit waxed armpit

Painful strips, redness, ingrown hairs—waxing is, without a doubt, one of the most painful beauty treatments, particularly in the summer when you’re walking down the beach wearing a bikini. Thankfully, we’re offering tips to help waxing feel less painful for you, whether you’re seeing an esthetician or doing it yourself. 1. Let … Read more

Remedies to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter

woman out in the snow

The skin tends to respond to the changing seasons, and dry skin can occur when it does not retain sufficient moisture. There are many different causes of dry skin, such as frequent bathing, aging, using harsh skin products, and as well as certain medical conditions. In addition, wintertime also poses a special … Read more

Skin Care Routine For Winter

A cosmetologist applying a face mask

Believe it or not, the winter season can take its toll on your skin. Most people think that the summer season is the most reckoning of all but the reality is that winters tend to be harsher on your skin. The cold air tends to rob natural moisture from your skin and … Read more

Skin Care Routine for Summer

Natural products for skin care

Summer can be a trying time for your skin. The scorching heat along with the blazing sun can take its toll as well. In addition to that, pollution and other environmental contaminants snatch the skin’s natural radiance and leave it oily and irritated as well. This is why it is important that … Read more