The Ultimate Guide to Derma Rolling

A LVN performing collagen induction therapy

Skincare is the new cool now. Gone are the days when having a rough and tough look was considered cute. This time and age is all about self-care and appreciating your own body. And by skincare, we do not mean simply washing your face with a face wash. Your face is the … Read more

Cool or Warm Skin Tone

Cool or Warm Skin Tone

Do I Have Cool or Warm Skin Tone?   When selecting not only your foundation shade of mineral makeup, but also your blush, lip colors and any all-over face colors, you need to know if you should purchase cool or warm colors. This is based on the undertone of your skin – … Read more

Mineral Makeup Brands

Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation

Are you looking for the one-stop list of the reputable brands offering mineral makeup? This article will provide you information about mineral makeup brands that are reputable because of their quality product offerings. Some of these brands are committed to mineral makeup, while some offer a line of mineral makeup along with … Read more

Why Are Diamonds a Girl’s Best Friend?

Diamond has been tagged as a girl’s best friend when Marilyn Monroe first sang the song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in the 1950s from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Up until now, we keep hearing the phrase because diamonds, indeed, are a girl’s best friend. But have you ever wondered … Read more

Most Glamorous Women of All Time

A woman’s level of glamour is commonly measured by her sartorial choices, clear skin, luxurious lifestyle, beautiful house and car, and the expensive items she owns. But true glamour is more than that. Like an education is not about grade which you can get by starting to buy cheap papers online, a … Read more

Things Glamorous Women Do

Things Glamorous Women Do

Have you ever noticed some women who always has it together? They always look sophisticated, every day. No matter how scorching hot the sun is and no matter how much they are working hard at the gym, they still look pretty, polished and pulled together. How do they make it possible? A … Read more

The Power of the Red Dress

Power of the Red Dress

Regardless of a person’s sex, age and occupation, there are certain circumstances and situations wherein the color of clothing worn must be considered. This is especially true if you opt to wear a bold and bright color red. As a woman, perhaps you’ve been acquainted with the red dress effect. It’s a … Read more

How to Tell If You Are Allergic to Your Lipstick

sings you may have a lipstick allergy

If you have never had to suffer a makeup allergy, consider yourself lucky. You never had to deal with the burning, the stinging, and the unbearable swelling of it all. However, with makeup allergies, there is none more tragic than having a reaction on your lips. Well, okay, so having a reaction … Read more

Is Microdermabrasion Safe for Sensitive Skin?

is microdermabrasion safe for senstive skin

Do you want noticeably smoother, softer, and blemish-free skin after just one treatment? Well, that is the sales pitch that microdermabrasion is trying to sell. However, words are cheap, but the results of the thousands, possibly millions of customers that have gotten the treatment done at their local salon definitely don’t lie. … Read more

How to know when it’s time to replace your derma roller

How to know when it's time to replace your derma roller

The dermaroller is a popular item among some beauty enthusiasts. Also known as “skin roller,” the dermaroller is a small handheld tool used in micro-needling, skin needling, or collagen induction therapy (CIT). The dermaroller is covered with thousands of thin and tiny microneedles. When rolled on the skin, it creates tiny punctures … Read more

How often should you use dermaroller?

How often should you use dermaroller

A dermaroller is a skincare device, equipped with microneedles, ready to gently prick the face as you roll it against your skin. Microneedles allow the dermaroller to penetrate your skin or induce repair in the skin to help you get fresher and newer looking skin on the surface.  A dermaroller looks difficult … Read more

Tips for Looking Glamorous on a Budget

All women want to look glamorous and fabulous regardless of their budget. While some can easily splurge to look great because they have the money for it, some achieve their look on a relatively tight budget. Yes, you don’t have to spend a lot of bucks to look the part. If you’re … Read more