What is glamour photography?


When it comes to photography as an artistic medium, it implies capturing and communicating all these aspects through an image. In fact, this type of picture goes even beyond and further portrays sensuality, style, attractiveness, and confidence in a remarkably alluring way. Recall the gorgeous pictures of Hollywood actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood or the pictures of perms and leather jackets from the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The best way to summarize it all is to state that glamour photography is committed to making women look attractive in a sophisticated way, although there is still disagreement on how to define glamour photography.


Glamour photography has been referred described as “erotic” for most of the past century. Photographers often refer to it as “cheesecake” or “beefcake.” It dates back to the early 1900s, when French street sellers offered women represented in entertaining ways on their postcards. Pin-up culture also gained popularity during this time period as simply dressed, genuinely shocked female figures invited their viewers to participate. Actresses like Betty Grable and Bettie Page were frequently seen inside trucks, body shops, or among soldiers prior to the introduction of Playboy magazine.

Since periodicals and even calendars showing bare bodies were highly contentious and occasionally even illegal during the 1950s, they were kept out of sight and heavily edited. After a brief pause, the entrancing imagery returned to the top in the 1990s, with models like Hope Talmons, Heidi Van Horne, Katie Price, and Dita Von Teese helping to redefine the genre’s ideas alongside talented photographers and reputable publications.

Types of glamour photography

Fashion or editorial glamour photography

Handbags Woman Stylish Lady Editorial Fashion

Fashion or editorial glamour photography is a kind of photography used to advertise apparel, accessories, and beauty items that are part of the fashion or editorial industry. Models wearing the newest fashion trends or cosmetic products are included in the photographs, which are typically shot in a studio or outdoors. To promote products and brands, these photos are frequently used in publications, advertising, and websites.

Swimwear or lingerie glamour photography

Woman Swimsuit Model Bikini Beauty Girl Sexy Hot

Glamour photography of swimwear or lingerie is a kind of photography that concentrates on taking pictures of models in swimwear or lingerie. Images from this kind of photography are usually used in commercials, fashion publications, and websites to promote swimwear or lingerie brands. The body and curves of the model are highlighted, and the attire worn is frequently revealing and made to highlight the figure, in a swimsuit or lingerie glamour photography. Bold colors, appealing postures, and inventive compositions are frequently used in photos to produce a visually stunning and attractive appearance.

Boudoir photography 

Girl Underwear Woman Lingerie Sexy Posing Bra

Intimate and personal, this style of glamour photography is frequently utilized as a present for lovers or as a means of self-expression. The “boudoir” style of intimate photography aims to take sensual, passionate, and private pictures of individuals, usually women, in a private setting like a bedroom or house. Boudoir photography typically employs elegant, sophisticated techniques and attempts to present the subject in an alluring, seductive manner. The images can be used as gifts for your partner or as souvenirs for yourself. Boudoir photography is a popular option for women who want to feel strong and confident. A professional studio or a home can be used for the photography, depending on the preferences and level of comfort of the subject.

Fitness or bodybuilding glamour photography

Bodybuilding Exercise Effort Fitness Gym Barbell

  This style of glamour photography, which is frequently employed in fitness magazines and commercials, aims to highlight the beauty and power of the human body. A subgenre of fashion and editorial photography, fitness and bodybuilding glamour photography aims to aesthetically capture the physiques of fitness models and bodybuilders. Fitness photography typically focuses on the subject’s physique and athleticism, whereas bodybuilding photography stresses the subject’s development of muscles. Both types of photography aim to emphasize the subject’s physical prowess and fitness while promoting supplements, training gear, and other fitness-related products. These pictures are regularly used in periodicals, advertisements, and other forms of media to encourage fitness, whether for personal motivation or in professional bodybuilding competitions.

Fine art glamour photography

Tutu Design Model Fine Arts Ballet Legs Ballerina

This style of glamour photography, which is frequently utilized in galleries and exhibitions, aims to be more creative and thought-provoking. “Fine art glamour photography,” a subgenre of photography, blends elements of fashion, editorial, and fine art photography to create arresting and exquisite images meant to be appreciated as works of art. Fine art glamour photography typically features stylized, elaborately produced images with models donning expensive clothing or lingerie. The photographs are typically carefully composed, lit, and processed to convey a sense of beauty, elegance, and sensuality. The finished items are frequently intended to be sold as limited edition prints or displayed in exhibitions.

Pin-up photography

Pin Up Girl Beautiful Girl At The Station Train

This type of glamour photography is vintage style pictures that depict women in suggestive poses and was often used as a form of decoration or as a form of erotic art. In the pin-up photographic style, attractive models are posed in comical and frequently suggestive ways. The act of hanging these photos from pins as wall adornment is referred to as “pin-up.” A lighthearted and flirty tone characterizes the pin-up fashion, which is frequently connected to the 1940s and 1950s. Pin-up photography frequently features scantily dressed models, and the poses and compositions are frequently created to highlight the models’ femininity and sexuality. Originating in the early 20th century, the pin-up genre had a big influence on fashion, fine art, and popular culture.

All these types of glamour photography have their own unique style and approach and are used for different purposes.


In this article, You will know what glamour photography is and the types of glamour photography. It is important to know the differences among the types of glamour photography to determine what are their uniqueness.