The Power of the Red Dress

Regardless of a person’s sex, age and occupation, there are certain circumstances and situations wherein the color of clothing worn must be considered. This is especially true if you opt to wear a bold and bright color red.

As a woman, perhaps you’ve been acquainted with the red dress effect. It’s a scientifically proven phenomenon that a woman wearing red is perceived as more attractive and sexually appealing by men rather than those wearing other colors. And during times when you want to look glamorous, confident and sexy, you add a touch of red in your outfit, in the form of a dress, a skirt, pumps, scarves or a simple bold red lipstick.

What does the color red mean?

The color red is the warmest and most intense color. It’s the color that seems to have a non-comparable impact and appeal on the eyes. It’s the prime of all the primary colors because simply, there’s no other color like it.

For many people, it’s the color of passionate love. Let’s take for instance Valentine’s Day. This day when love between couples is celebrated is a day when red is present everywhere. Perhaps you already know that red roses mean, “I love you.” Red is the color of heart that symbolizes love. It also linked to sensuality and lust.

Red is also the color of fire, associated with heat, warmth, and danger. See why fire engines, stop signs, high voltage signs are all red – they make you stop, as a danger is ahead. To translate into fashion, red is a show-stopper. Once you wear red, you become recognizable among the crowd (unless all of them are wearing red, too).

Red can also signify passion, determination, strength, and energy because it’s a strong color. Bright reds like scarlets can induce these things, while calmer reds like burgundy and maroon can express maturity.

For others, red denotes risks, thrills, and adventures. This is why wearing a sultry red dress can be considered a bold and daring move. It can also make you feel and look rich, luxe and glam. Whatever the reason behind wearing red is, the thing for sure if it’s an enriching color that makes the wearer bold, bright and beautiful.

What can a red dress do?

  • A red dress can give you a boost of confidence

Red Dress

With a red outfit, you can’t hide in the crowd. It’s the color to wear when you need to feel confident about yourself. This powerful color oozes with self-pride.

In one study published in 2017, German researchers had 180 university students wear either a red or a blue shirt. In two of the three experiments, participants were asked to sit in front of a mirror and observe their reflections before answering a questionnaire. In the third experiment, participants were told to take selfies instead of looking at their reflections.

The result of the study showed that students who wore red rated themselves higher in attractiveness and sexual appeal rather than those who wore blue. But this effect had limitations, as those who are already insecure about themselves felt worse after wearing red as the color may bring unwanted attention to them. However, for people trying to fight their insecurities about their appearance, wearing red is one brave step to do that.

  • A red dress can attract men

red dress can attract men

If you do want to flaunt yourself and get your beautiful self out there, wear a red dress. In a study published in 2008, psychologists found that the color red allows males to view a female stranger more attractive and sexually desirable. In general, males were more interested in asking out a woman who wore red on a date and will be willing to spend more money during the date.

Other studies have also found that waitresses wearing red received bigger tips from male customers, men would more likely connect with the same woman when she wore red in her online dating profile photo, and women wearing red lipstick were an approach more quickly and more often by men in a bar.

So, the next time you’d be going out on a date, impress your man by wearing a red dress. Wear when you go out to the bar if you want to meet a guy. Wear red if you want to attract a guy you like. There’s nothing wrong about channeling your inner goddess and expressing your sexuality!

  • A red dress gives you the edge.

Since red is proven to be attractive to men, wearing a red dress can give you an edge, as you can be easily spotted by probing eyes.

According to one study from Germany, women would most likely wear red in a romantic encounter (or even a potential one) to attract a man. In this study, women were invited to participate in a psychology experiment and given a photo of a male undergraduate researcher who would be running the experiment. The team gave half of the volunteers a photo of a more handsome student, and the other half received a photo of the less attractive undergrad (these two guys were previously rated for attractiveness).

Results showed that women were more likely to show up to the lab wearing something red if they expected to be greeted by the handsome man. This just proves that women enhance their attractiveness as a way of competing with other women to gain more attention of a desirable man.

  • A red dress can make you look rich and glam

look rich and glam

As long as you wear a red dress with the proper shade and material, you can easily look fabulous and glamorous. Even though your savings account is taking a blow, you can look and feel like you’re worth a million dollars by just donning the proper red dress.

Why is that so? Well, it just can’t be explained; as red looks rich on its own. It has that luxurious feel that just can’t be achieved by other colors like for instance, green or orange.

This motion has a historical background. In Tudor England, monarchs tried to define social status by dress, and red was one of the colors most rigidly controlled. No men under the rank of the knight of the garter were allowed to wear crimson velvet in their coats, gowns or any other part of their clothing. This was because of the issue about who is allowed to flaunt their wealth. Back then, red was the most expensive of dyes, and velvet was the priciest of cloths. Paintings of Henry VIII portray the king wearing his parliament robes, which are made of red velvet. These images show how red was used by the monarchy to assert their authority, wealth and power of over the people.

Besides the closet staple LBD (little black dress), any glamorous woman must have her own LRD (little red dress) too! Black is beautiful, but red lingers more in people’s memories. Wear red for days when you want to exude your feminine power, glamour, and beauty.