Tips for Looking Glamorous on a Budget

All women want to look glamorous and fabulous regardless of their budget. While some can easily splurge to look great because they have the money for it, some achieve their look on a relatively tight budget. Yes, you don’t have to spend a lot of bucks to look the part. If you’re building your wardrobe and glamorous outfits with a reduced budget, you just need to be wise with your fashion choices and even with taking care of your health as well.

1. Start with improving your body

There are women who would just wear a simple white t-shirt and jeans, but still, they look like they’ve stepped out the pages of a fashion magazine. What makes them shine? Perhaps their glowing skin? Their healthy hair? Their nice makeup? All of these elements are part of a glamorous look.

If you have skin problems, cut out any food, alcohol or products that cause or tends to worsen it. Those who have acne problems need to get rid of junk and oil in their body, and start eating healthier meals and drink more water. Water is good to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, as well as healthy snacks such as fruits. These don’t only affect your skin, but also your hair and nails. You will look and feel richer, regardless of what you’re wearing if your skin, hair, and nails are healthy and glowing.

2. Keep your hair simple and beautiful

When it comes to your hair, keep it natural looking and healthy. The best canvas for any kind of outfit is a natural-colored hair. It doesn’t mean that if you’re naturally brunette, you can’t go blonde – it just means staying away from bold hair colors like purple, green and blue. They look awesome in costumes, or going to festivals or concerts, but not if you’re trying to look glamorous.

If you want to change the color of your hair, get good quality dye-at-home kits rather than go to a salon. Dying your hair yourself, or getting help from a friend, is a cheaper option as long as it’s done properly.

Taking care of the hair can be a bit expensive, so try going for a low-maintenance haircut so you won’t have to worry about it much every time you go out. Once you visit your salon, go for a sleek blowout for an expensive looking hair. If you’re getting split ends, go to the salon for a simple trim. If your hair is getting dry, try on natural hair treatments from your local drugstore that you can use at home.

Better yet, go for natural home remedies for healthier hair. If you have problems regarding hair loss and dandruff, apply natural aloe vera to your hair and scalp and leave it on for a few minutes before washing your hair. If you want to fight frizz and make your hair shinier, mix apple cider vinegar with water and apply over the hair before washing.

3. Go for “natural” makeup and neutral nails

For a glamorous everyday makeup look, keep it minimal. Keep the shimmery and bold makeup tricks for parties. Simply use a dab of concealer or BB cream, foundation, neutral eyeshadow, blush on, and a lipstick to keep it simple. If your eyebrows need grooming, then use eyebrow pencil with the same color as your hair. Go for matte nude lips and add a natural blush on your cheeks. Learn to work toward your perfect “natural” makeup look so you’d be effortlessly beautiful and well-groomed every day.

Also, don’t forget to take care of your nails. Going for neutral looks or no polish is better chipped polish.

4. Think quality over quantity

As a glam girl, clothing is likely to be one of your main expenses. You may be tempted to buy a lot of cheaper items, thinking you’re actually getting a deal, but it really isn’t in the long run. You can find a lot of cheap, trendy items in the market today, but they won’t last long and will most probably get out of fashion quickly. It’s best to stock up on multi-purpose clothing items such as those you can wear into just about any outfit, like jeans and tank tops.

When you’re tempted to buy a piece of clothing that is outside your comfort zone, try to hold back and be strict with yourself. One good shopping rule is not to buy unless you really look fabulous in that outfit or if you can already think of the existing pieces of clothing you have that you can easily pair it with.

5. Remember that sometimes, simpler is better

You don’t need to always go and wear clothes that will easily make you noticeable. One way to look more glamorous and expensive is to have a basic and neutral backdrop for your statement necklace, jacket, handbag or shoes. Wearing simple tees, pullovers, sweaters on skinny jeans and pairing it with your statement accessory will make you feel effortlessly chic.

This simple yet sexy off-shoulder pullover top would look fabulous with your simple sweatpants or jeans, then pair it with your favorite pumps and necklace.

6. Invest in layering pieces

No matter what you’ve got underneath, a fabulous outer layer makes it an instant glamorous outfit. Look expensive by investing in high-quality closet staples like a belted trench coat, a denim jacket, a black leather jacket or a pea coat. These items will never go out of style, and they add a great deal of personality to your style.

7. Take your items to the tailor

A quick tuck and nip can make a cheap dress look custom made. Make sure your pants and skirts have the correct hem and your tops have the proper sleeve length. As much as possible, but clothing that perfectly fits you – not too tight nor too loose. Sometimes, you may just not find any item that fits to your body perfectly, so if you’re in between sizes, pick the larger size, then find yourself a tailor who can make adjustments for you. It pays to spend a few extra to make your cheap clothing tailored, and you’d suddenly look more expensive.

8. Invest in some good quality bags

A couple of decent bags will help boost your outfits. As long as you’ve budgeted for it properly, it’s worth it. Look for those with a classic design with a neutral color so it can look great with any of your outfits.

9. Get a pair of classic shoes

Splurge on a quality pair of classic shoes to instantly amp up any inexpensive outfit. Save up for something that is great and will match a lot of your clothes, like a black or skin-toned pumps. Pointed toe shoes are also a great investment to pair for your formal or office attire.

10. Pick some statement accessories

Buying inexpensive jewelry can improve any outfit, as long as it’s chosen carefully. Pick darker metals than shiny ones, and choose those that have some weight rather than ones that are light and flimsy. Choose clear crystals over plastic gemstones. Invest in a leather or metal watch.

If you want to buy pieces with beautiful gems, it’s best to visit local pawnshops. You might not pay a lot, plus you can also get something that actually has real value.

11. Buy a slip dress or skirt

Sometimes you can’t help but buy cheap dresses because they’re just so adorable. Some of them are made of cheap fabrics that easily cling to the skin or appear translucent because they aren’t lined, so a slip dress or skirt is worth investing for. Wear it underneath your fashionable dresses and skirts so you’d look more expensive.

12. Swap pieces with your friends

If you want to wear something new to you, or new to the eyes of other people, set up clothes swap evenings with your friends who are the same size as you. If you’re going to some place they’re not frequenting, or perhaps a date, you can borrow some of their items and let them borrow yours.