Who are the most famous plus-size models?

Because of plus-size models, modern culture seeks to eliminate assumptions about various body types. The day when being tall, skinny, and gorgeous were requirements for attractiveness is over. People today prefer to view things from numerous perspectives, especially when it comes to appearance. They are spreading awareness of the need to respect one’s physical appearance. To do this, we’ll talk about a few plus-size models who are leading by example and inspiring others to flaunt their bodies in ways they have never done before. Without further ado, let’s learn more about these models.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is an American supermodel. She has graced nearly every major fashion magazine’s cover, walked in shows by Prabal Gurung and Michael Kors, starred in H&M commercials, and used her platform (she has 12.2 million Instagram followers alone) to advocate for body positivity. She also has a book, a TED Talk, and her line of dresses, swimwear, and lingerie.

Robyn Lawley


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The most well-known plus-size model in Australia is Robyn Lawley. She was the first person to ever appear in a Ralph Lauren advertisement and has been featured in some of the largest fashion publications in the world. She wrote an essay in 2013 criticizing the ‘thigh gap’ fad as unneeded and harmful.

Barbie Ferreira


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Barbara “Barbie” Ferreira is an American model and former Euphoria actress. She entered the industry by sending American Apparel photos of herself via email. As one of the most outspoken advocates for Petra Collins, Selena Gomez’s best friend, and body diversity, Barbie has made a name for herself in the movement.

Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday, an American model and mother of two who is 35 years old, has long advocated for more diversity in the fashion industry. She recently said she has given up arguing with people who claim her size is the cause of her illness, adding that it is “nobody’s business.”

Denise Bidot


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Denise Bidot made history in 2014 by walking two New York Fashion Week (NYFW) runway shows as the first plus-size model. The 34-year-old has modeled for Chromat, Nordstrom, and Lane Bryant, and in 2016 she started a lifestyle initiative called “There’s no wrong way to be a woman”.

Iskra Lawrence


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Iskra Lawrence, a British model, utilizes her platform to spread the message of body acceptance and to educate her fans that what they see on social media is not always true. She publishes exercise videos on her YouTube channel, everyBODYwithIskra, and counsels her followers to embrace their bodies as they are. 

Paloma Elsesser


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Paloma Elsesser’s career has only flourished since she made her first appearance on Glossier billboards and as the face of Fenty Beauty. She has headlined campaigns for Marc Jacobs and Coach, walked for high-end fashion labels like Fendi and Chloé, and been on the covers of several fashion magazines. She is one of the most prominent models—plus size or not—working today.

Hunter McGrady


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American model Hunter McGrady gained notoriety in 2017 by contributing to Sports Illustrated. She co-hosts the Model Citizen podcast with her elder sister, Michaela McGrady, and has almost a half million Instagram followers.

Kate Wasley


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Australia’s Kate Wasley, a model, gained notoriety on social media as one half of the Instagram pair @any.body_co, where she and her friend Georgia Gibbs post pictures of themselves to encourage body acceptance at any size. Kate has recently gained recognition on a global scale after appearing in Sports Illustrated earlier this year.

Georgia Pratt


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Model Georgia Pratt, who was born in New Zealand, frequently posed for the lingerie brand Lonely, which is well known across the world for utilizing women of all ages and sizes and their unedited photos.

Tara Lynn


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The 38-year-old mother and American model Tara Lynn is most frequently seen in lingerie and swimsuit advertisements, but she has also been in advertisements for companies like H&M and graced the covers of major fashion publications.

Candice Huffine


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Candice Huffine, a former adolescent beauty queen, received her first commercial modeling contract in 2000 and currently stars in high fashion advertisements all over the world. She is well-known on Instagram, promotes body positivity, and has her athleisure brand, Day/Won.

Precious Lee


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Precious Lee is a trailblazer in the modeling industry as the first African American plus-size model to appear on the pages of US Vogue. The Atlanta native has been working in the business for nearly ten years. She has walked the runways for designers like Versace, Moschino, and Savage x Fenty, as well as starred in advertisements for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS and Khloe Kardashian’s Good American.

Nadia Aboulhosn


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American fashion blogger, model, and designer Nadia Aboulhosn hails from Orlando, Florida. She is best known for creating clothing lines for Lord & Taylor, Boohoo.com, and Addition Elle. Vogue Italia, Complex, Refinery29, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, American Apparel, and BuzzFeed have all featured Aboulhosn. She has Lebanese ancestry and originally from Mount Lebanon’s major city of Btekhnay.

Jessica Leahy

Australian supermodel Jessica Leahy made her runway debut during New York Fashion Week. She was one of those ladies who was quite at ease with her body even if she had no desire to succeed in the modeling business. She is certain that there should be a candid discussion on positive body image. She promotes the idea that women should be unashamed and at ease with their bodies.

Chloe Marshall


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She was the first plus-size model to get to the Miss England finals and was an English supermodel who won the Miss Surrey crown in 2008. This helped her and the concept of plus size gained a lot of traction. Her modeling career was given more possibilities, and it strengthened her opinion that not everyone can be skinny and tall and yet be considered attractive. Later, Chloe relocated to New York and began modeling jobs. She worked on several campaigns for companies including Macy’s, Project Runway, and Torrid, which specialized in plus-size clothes.

Danika Brysha

Danika Brysha is a model who has matured by acknowledging her issues and dealing with them, from battling a bad connection with food to losing weight and getting it all back. Danika later founded the company “Model Meals,” which specializes in serving nutritious cuisine. She advocates for loving oneself while maintaining good health. When she least anticipated it, her modeling career took off, and she quickly began accepting jobs from companies like Forever 21, Kohl’s, etc. After then, there was no turning back! She came in second place in terms of highest-paid models, behind Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, etc.

Lexi Placourakis

As the mother, Lexi works to disprove social norms around appearance. Lexi Placourakis has struggled with her weight, her eating habits, and attempting to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but she is now a supermodel and businesswoman who has changed many people’s lives. However, Lexi’s demeanor was nothing like that of her mother, Miss Hawaii USA, who afterward carried on with her modeling career in Japan. She had a rather unusual body shape and a mindset that did not come naturally, but those qualities were what propelled her into a career as a plus-size model.

Tabria Majors


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Big, curvy women may be just as alluring as standard models. When a modeling agency contacted an unassuming young woman from Nashville, Tennessee, Tabria Majors made the decision to research plus-size modeling. She had worked a conventional 9 to 5 job before. However, the experience she gained from working as a maid in Los Angeles as a second job had given her more strength than ever. She is breaking down barriers for women one at a time by doing things like being in Sports Illustrated and hosting a podcast called “The Thick.” She is proving her point and inspiring them one at a time.

Anita Marshall


Like the stories of other plus-size models, Anita Marshall’s has not been a simple one. She persevered and hung around to show herself, even if it was not all sunshine and daisies before she was taken seriously or regarded as a model. She rose in the fashion world because of the popularity of her Instagram post. Anita Marshall is a makeup artist from Boston who has achieved great success in the field.

Fluvia Lacerda


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Brazilian beauty Fluvia Lacerda is not your typical model. She is the first plus-size model to grace the Brazilian Playboy magazine’s cover. She was originally spotted in a bus in Manhattan, New York, by a magazine editor, and even then she has been posing for some of the top standard and size companies.


The modeling industry has made considerable recent strides in terms of inclusiveness and diversity. This covers the representation of plus-size models, who are showing up in more fashion advertisements, catwalk shows, and magazine spreads. These models not only broke down barriers in the industry but also championed body acceptance and self-love. Through their efforts, society has become more tolerant and inviting and beauty standards have been redefined.