Learn About Glamorous Plus Size Model Tess Holliday

Learn About Glamorous Plus Size Model Tess Holliday

When Tess Holliday has things to say, she says them clearly. The Mississippi-born model has made headlines for frequently speaking out on body acceptance, feminism, and motherhood issues. Though there was an increase in the popularity of models larger than the sample size in recent years, few jobs exist for individuals who … Read more

Learn About Glamorous Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham at her podcast Pretty Big Deal in 2018

Ashley Graham, who campaigns for size inclusivity on and off the runway, is at the center of the body positivity conversation in the fashion world. With a lifelong mission of uplifting women, the American beauty has taken the plus-size modeling industry by storm, gracing various magazine covers. Do you want to learn … Read more

What Is a Chemise Dress?

a portrait of Marie Antoinette wearing a dress that came to be known as chemise à la reine

Few garments in fashion history have been as appealing to past and present audiences as the chemise dress. This dress, popular in the 1780s, was a pioneer of later neoclassical fashion. The style, a cotton muslin tube with a sash at the waist and a drawstring at the neck spread throughout Europe. … Read more

What Is a Bias Cut Dress?

a woman in a dark wearing a red bias cut dress looking towards the window

If there were ever a dress style that could be characterized as fashion’s seductress, a bias cut dress would be a strong contender. You can trace its origins to ancient Greece and Egypt, where the fabric was swathed across the body and fastened with jewelry. Moving forward to the nineteenth century, historians … Read more

What Is Robe de Style Dress?

a woman sitting by the piano wearing a robe de style dress from 1929

The image of the flapper, the cutting-edge woman wearing a short, straight dress, and the bob haircut represent the roaring Twenties fashion, typically defined as a modern decade. Most people associate 1920s fashion with the short, sparkly, black, beaded flapper dress. This figure of women’s fashion throughout this period has been cemented … Read more

What Are the Most Glamorous Places in Europe?

Eiffel Tower and spring tulips on Field of Mars, Paris, France

If you’re looking for a vacation destination that will make you feel like a celebrity, then you need to head to Europe! This continent is home to some of the most glamorous places in the world. From Monaco to Paris, there are plenty of destinations that will have you feeling like a … Read more

What Made Brigitte Bardot So Glamorous?

A public image of young Brigitte Bardot

The film industry is known for having all the glam and the fashion. Especially during the 1950s and 1960s, various iconic celebrities have set the standard for modern films, leaving a fascinating set of movies that are still famous today for their rich storyline and glamour. Brigitte Bardot was one of the … Read more

What Made Ava Gardner So Glamorous?

Photo of Ava Gardner

The film industry during the 1950s has been advancing at a rapid pace. Along with this are various celebrities that gained recognition in various genres. The 50s was home to some of the most talented actors and actresses, which helped shape the modern film we know today. One of the most popular … Read more