Can We Make Waxing Less Painful?

Painful strips, redness, ingrown hairs—waxing is, without a doubt, one of the most painful beauty treatments, particularly in the summer when you’re walking down the beach wearing a bikini. Thankfully, we’re offering tips to help waxing feel less painful for you, whether you’re seeing an esthetician or doing it yourself.

1. Let the Wax Cool a Little Bit Before Applying

The skin in your pubic area is much more sensitive than the skin on your hands. So even when you’ve done a smear tester on your hand to test the heat, it’s always safer to let the wax cool down a little more before applying it. If not, you’ll be in danger of getting your skin burned or even peeled off.

2. Stay Clear Of Scents and Fragrances

Be aware that fragrances and scents carry significant amounts of alcohol and astringent. They release after lying musk for each spray. They can also be your biggest enemy when you’re just freshly waxed. The skin is yet very sensitive and raw, and a sprinkle of such odors can give you elevated irritation. It can even peel your skin.

3. Get Hold Of Yourself

While any waxing, particularly during a Brazilian waxing, right before the esthetician rips off the wax, keep your skin taut. Stretch it as much as you can, which will expand the follicles’ pores and allows smooth exit of the hairs compared to compressed pores.

4. Begin Small

Divide your skin into very tiny portions. The maximum width of every swab can’t be over one inch, and the length can’t be over three inches. Continue making more similar-sized sections and apply the wax. Keep in mind that smearing a considerable quantity of wax on your body, particularly if you’re a newbie, will make it dry and difficult to pull, amounting to excruciating pain. It also won’t extract the hair from the follicles, so there’s no danger of unruly ingrown hairs.

5. Place Your Moisturizer Inside the Fridge

Pick a moisturizer that’s pretty light, not too heavy, and can soothe your skin. It’s probably best to pick a cucumber-based or an Aloe Vera-based moisturizer. Put it inside the fridge for the whole night before waxing and apply it as soon as you pulled the wax off. The cooling agents will lessen the burning sensation.

6. Use Natural Coolants

As an alternative, take out the Aloe Vera gel from the stems and place it in the fridge overnight. You can also choose cucumbers. You can apply these natural coolants directly into the waxed skin as soon as you’ve ripped the wax off. These will cause a soothing effect to fight the irritation caused most naturally.

7. Pain Reliever

Even though it seems like a medical liaison, taking over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin, ibuprofen, and Advil can help. It would help if you took these OTC pills half an hour before your waxing session to relieve pain while in the process. They may not take away the pain, but they can still minimize it.

8. Cold Compress Saviors

If it’s your first time to have wax ripped off of your skin by an esthetician, ask them for a cold compress. Place it on the waxed area as soon as they ripped off the wax, which will reduce the pain since it’ll numb the burning feeling until it passes.

9. Wash Away Dead Skin

Layers upon layers of dead skin must have piled up and might hinder your hair from being pulled. The longer the hair takes to tear, the more painful it becomes. Numerous beauticians recommend exfoliating the skin that has to be waxed before the waxing session to eliminate the layers of dead cells and allow the hair to be pulled off without feeling too painful.

10. Size Matters Greatly

The length of the hair that you should remove determines the pain you have to endure. The longer the hair, the more pain, and unfortunately, the short the hair, the more pain too! But we recommend you a mid-ground, make sure that the hair is precisely a quarter of an inch; less than that, and the hair will be too short for the wax to stick on, and you may rip your epidermis. Wait for the hair to grow long if it’s shorter, or trim it if it’s longer.

11. Refrain From Drinking Coffee

We all love to start our days with some coffee since it propels our senses alive. It shoots the nerve endings and causes us to be receptive. But if you drink coffee right before waxing your body, your spiked nerve endings will be receiving more pain than usual. Instead, it would help if you hydrate yourself. Your body will be plump with water, and the hair pores may open, thus decreasing the pain.

Bear in mind that these tips can’t eliminate pain; instead, they will minimize it or even turn your senses numb so that you won’t register much of the pain. The saying “no pain, no gain” also applies to beauty. So, try all of these tips and discover what suits your skin best and follow it consistently.