Tips for Wearing Wigs Comfortably

Wigs can sometimes become very uncomfortable, itchy, or hot to wear. Although there have been significant improvements to their design, new wig wearers may still find themselves feeling awkward or uneasy while donning their wigs. 

Hopefully, with this article, you can learn ways to significantly reduce or totally eliminate the uncomfortable feeling of wearing wigs.

Why Do You Feel Uncomfortable When Wearing Wigs?

One of the most typical reasons why you feel uneasy when putting on a wig is itchiness. Because of the materials that particular wigs have, which land or bump on your bare scalp, it gradually becomes very compelling to scratch the itchy feeling away until it’s gone.

To add to that, wig wearers don’t feel comfortable wearing wigs due to them getting too hot under the sun.

Feeling uncomfortable is also one of the reasons why some wig wearers end up shaving their natural hair. Doing so can let your scalp get more air, reducing the feeling of hotness.

If you need or want a wig but dislike feeling uncomfortable, consider getting lace wigs. Whether it’s a lace closure wig or a full lace wig, they’re certainly the ideal choice to dispose of the uneasy feeling caused by wearing wigs.

Tips on How To Comfortably Wear a Wig

It’s almost guaranteed that people who are pretty new to wig-wearing will be uncomfortable during the initial moments of donning them on.

Luckily, new and even old wig wearers can ease this feeling of uneasiness by combining specific product tips and practices. 

Below are some tips on how you can wear your wig comfortably:

Measure your Head

If you plan to wear wigs more often, you have to ensure that they fit you correctly. Everyone’s head sizes vary, and wigs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate every size. A wig that’s too large will irritate your scalp as it slides around your head throughout the day. So it would help if you took the exact head measurements to make sure it fits you properly.

Try a Pixie Wig

A very efficient way of making yourself feel comfortable donning a wig is by going with a short hair replacement system. One of the ideal wigs to get going with is a human hair pixie.

Since human hair wigs appear more natural, they’re also usually thicker compared to synthetic wigs. If you want to get used to wig-wearing, you should begin with the most comfortable types.

Wear a Wig Cap Liner

You can also try wearing a wig cap liner under your wig every time you wear it, even if you have no natural hair. Wearing a wig cap liner will help you keep your wig comfortably and securely in place the whole day. It also aids in keeping your wig clean by forming a barrier that safeguards your wig against the oils on the scalp.

Get a Good Fit

The security and comfort of how well your wig stays glued on your head are essential. Essentially, a wig that fits snugly into your scalp doesn’t budge as you’re moving your head and remains comfortable all day. This important wig function provides you with the confidence to don it on. Getting an excellent fit is usually a mix of trial and error. Knowing several tricks of the terminology and trade used can create a difference in understanding the small accessories and adjustments that make a massive difference.

To get a comfortable, snug fit, you can try using the following:

  • Wig tape
  • Wig cap
  • Wig glue
  • Wig clips
  • Silicone
  • Adjustable elasticated belt straps
  • Suction
  • Silk lining
  • Thin hairband or scarf
  • Elasticated outer rim

Wash and Dry Thoroughly

It’s very important to keep in mind that rinsing your wig thoroughly after you apply shampoo since your wig can become very itchy when there’s a shampoo build-up.

In addition, double-check to see if you have washed the inner part of the wig’s cap. You can repeat it a couple more times because this is the part near the scalp, making it very susceptible to the itchy feeling.

Also, this similar method of thoroughly rinsing and washing clean the inside of your wig cap can be applied when you’re drying it. Any remaining liquid will cause more itchiness once you don the wig.

Try Lighter Colors

Another great way to feel more comfortable wearing your wig, especially during the summer season, is to work a light-colored hair replacement system.

You can simply design your lace wig a pick a lighter color tone to achieve the most comfortable feel. Those who began wearing lace wigs with a light tone didn’t feel the struggle of an itchy and hot hair replacement system.

Once you’re used to how wearing a wig feels, you can begin with getting creative in donning high-caliber wigs with that traditional discomfort.