Tips for Adding Glamour to Your Everyday Style

When it comes to style, what is glamorous is subjective. For some, it means choosing glitz, glitter, and sparkle. For some, it means wearing fashionable, expensive brands. But for us, it means looking elegant and flattering without trying too hard. You can be glamorous every day, even without the long gowns and dresses. Here’s how to add some glamour to your everyday style:

1. Wear sparkly shoes or top

Sparkle adds an extra bit of oomph to your everyday look. You can wear a short, sequined dress for a casual outing with friends. Dresses with a sparkly upper part also work well, making it simpler, elegant and appropriate for everyday wear. To make it more casual, layer the dress with a casual jacket and nude pumps or sandals.

A sleeveless bling top (go for black or gold) is also a wardrobe must-have for any glamour girl. You can pair it with jeggings for a daytime look. Or wear it with pants and layer with a cardigan or jacket to make it wearable for work. Simply remove the cardigan then you are good to go to a party.

Then for a certified glamorous pair of shoes, sparkly pumps are your way to go. These can be metallic, glitter, or jacquard. They are appropriate for any day and night outfit – from work to fun. Pumps are great as office wear, and it also looks great for a date or a party.

When wearing these items, only choose one and layer it with non-sparkly items. Glittery shoes should never be paired with a sparkly dress to avoid looking over-the-top.

2. Add one to two glamorous accessory


A glamorous woman doesn’t go out with a boring get-up. They add a valuable accessory to add a delicate hint of glam to the outfit. By valuable, it doesn’t mean pricey – it must be an addition to your outfit that tastefully spruces it up. Pearl is one of the ultimate glamour accessories, as it could be worn with casual to business-style outfits. A gold or silver multi-layer statement necklace works like a charm for plain tops. A large pair of trendy sunglasses also works well as a glamorous touch, as well as a stylish way to hide your tired eyes. A silk scarf adds personality to a plain pullover top or sweater.

But remember, keep your jewelry and accessories delicate and minimal. If you want to wear statement jewelry, focus on one area or two areas that are far from each other. For instance, don’t wear supersized glam hoop earrings and a statement choker necklace; wear a statement bangle and earrings instead, or go for the necklace only.

3. Play with colors


A neutral palette certainly looks glamorous, but you can pull off a more high-impact outfit by making great color combinations. If your office attire is mostly in black, gray and brown colors, add some glamour by choosing a bright colored handbag, or a bright-colored pair of pumps or heels or any accessory.

4. Choose stylish pieces

There are simply pieces of clothing that say “I’m glamorous.” A white or gold lace dress with gold detailing will make your look shine while still being simple and not overtly sparkling. A lacey top with sheer layer can spruce up your day look with style. Simply pair it with your trusty denim and you’re ready to go. Clothing pieces with see-through or sheer parts also look glamorous. Also, items with a dramatic flair, sequins, beads, and ruffles that are appropriately styled also look and feel glam.

5. Choose between showing legs, back, belly button or cleavage, but never all


Glamorous women always look flawless and know how to accentuate their best assets. Dress according to what’s best for your figure. Choose between showing legs, back or cleavage, but avoid showing two or all of them to avoid showing too much flesh to make sure you stay elegant and sophisticated.

6. Opt for heels

It’s just common sense that heels instantly makes a woman look more glamorous. It can be in the form of pumps, stilettos, or the more comfortable platform heels. If you’re going for peep toe shoes or sandals, don’t wear hosiery and make sure your nails are neat and nicely done. Go for heels that allows you to walk comfortably; don’t push yourself into wearing a 5-inch heel for office wear if you’re not comfortable with it. Your stance in walking while wearing heels adds to the glam effect of your entire outfit.

7. Go for tailored pieces


It doesn’t matter what brand it is – whether it’s Givenchy or H&M –well-fitted clothes make you look more glamorous. Some women are lucky enough to always find a piece of clothing that can perfectly fit them and hug the body in all the right places, but for some, finding a perfectly fitting piece is a once-in-a-blue-moon experience. Find a tailor and have some blazers, pants, jackets, and trousers that perfectly fits your body size and shape.