How to Wear Wigs in the Summer

It’s already summer season, and wig wearers might find themselves in a middle of a dilemma— wearing their wigs during this hot, humid weather! Specific wigs can leave you feeling sweaty, weighed down, and hot, which isn’t fun at all. However, there isn’t a need to sacrifice wearing wigs altogether during summer. We’re giving you some tips on how to wear wigs in the summertime.

Best Wigs to Wear in the Summer

You can work around a short wig during hot days, especially if you switch your style up every day. There plenty of fantastic, short wig styles to choose from, including wavy lobs, sleek bobs, and textured pixie cuts. Or, you can try for a shoulder-length wig or longer, which you can put up in a messy up-do or a loose ponytail.

When donning wigs during the summer, it’s best to stick to lighter colors, as, unlike dark colors, they don’t absorb as much heat.

Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Wig: Which One to Wear During Summer?

Synthetic wigs are the best during the months of summer overall. Synthetic fibers can keep you cooler as they are lighter than the human hair ones. Also, wigs made with human hair will react to the scorching weather similar to how natural hair would— it can go frizzy or lose style or shape with the humidity. On the other hand, synthetic wigs have “style memory” and will stay in shape even after being exposed to harsh elements.

Whatever wig you choose, be sure to pick the right complementary wig care products to maintain your wig’s flawlessness and freshness all summer.

Best Wig Construction in the Summer

Fully hand-tied wigs have excellent wig construction to wear in the summer. Try wearing ones that are hand-tied on the crown and wefted at the back—the wefted construction help in keeping things cooler since it allows air to circulate more.

How to Reduce Sweating While Wearing Your Wig

Putting on wig caps is an effective method to keep yourself from sweating while wig-wearing. Particularly in the summer, try going for bamboo wig liners or caps. The material pushes sweat to the fabric’s outer surface and dries faster, which helps avoid excessive sweating.

In addition, keeping your wig out of your neck’s way is excellent for preventing your scalp from overheating. Going for an up-do if you have a wig that’s long can also help, but if you want to prevent yourself from sweating so much, braids and plaits are the most effective hairstyles to don.

Bringing Wigs During the Summer Holiday: Should I or Should I Not?

There’s no reason to stop yourself from bringing your wig/wigs with you as you go on a summer vacation. If you’re afraid that the tiny metal pieces in your wig will pose an issue during airport scanning, don’t fret, as they sure aren’t! In the highly unlikely event that does happen, you can simply explain what they are. So don’t fear, and don’t let it stop you from having fun in your summer holiday!

One of the most significant aspects to keep in mind when traveling with a wig is safe storage. Consider bringing a collapsible wig stand, as it’s portable and will keep your wig shapely and ventilated so you’ll feel and look fabulous on your trips. 

How to Cool Down Instantly When Wearing a Wig During Summer

It’s essential to keep your head cool in the summer when wearing your wig. However, if you feel overheated, one of the quickest cooling methods is running cold water on your wrists’ insides. Lots of runners do this to chill after a rigorous run, as the blood vessels are close to your pulse joint’s surface, making it an excellent way of cooling down quickly.

How Frequent Should You Wash Your Wig in Summer?

There’s no specific number of times for washing your wig; it all depends on how much you sweat and how frequently you wear them in the summer. However, as a ground rule, you should wash your wig more often in the hot summer months since oils and sweat will build up much faster. Also, excess oil can cause damage to your wig and irritate your scalp.

Can Wigs Be Worn in Direct Sunlight?

Yes, you can wear wigs under direct sunlight, given that everybody enjoys the warmth of the sun. However, it would be best to bear in mind the amount of sun exposure your wig gets. Too much direct sunlight can cause the color to fade and fiber damage. It’s best for our overall health to be sensible under the sun, staying under a shade whenever possible. So, by following this logic, your wig should do well all summer. For added protection, try wearing a headscarf or a hat when you’re out and about for extended times.