How to Curl Your Hair with These Everyday Items

Curling has long been the obsession of so many girls. But for those who cannot afford to go to regular salon sessions, the alternative is to use hot rollers at home.

But some of them hate to use hot rollers or curling irons because they can actually damage their hair. In fact, hot rollers are one of the leaders in hair damage. Not to mention they can also cause severe burns if they’re used improperly.

So, if you’re veering away from hot rollers or curling irons, there are many other ways to create those fabulous curls without risking injury. Just look around your home – the tools you need are just around the corner. Yes, we’re talking about household items!

At first, you will never believe that these everyday items can give you the desired curls. But don’t worry, because with these simple tools, curling your hair becomes very doable.

You will never believe that with these everyday items in your home, curling your hair is very doable. Here are some of the no-heat curling techniques that you can do with everyday tools:

1) Fabric strips or paper towels

Fabric strips or paper towels are some of the oldest methods for curling your hair. If you want tight curls, this method is going to be effective.

You basically start with heaps of strips of fabric or paper towel. Next, grab your hair and start twisting it around the fabric or paper towel, drawing toward your scalp until they have rolled all the way up. Finish this procedure by tying a loose knot to secure the rolled-up hair in place.

While this is not the easiest method, especially if you have lots of hair, it won’t give you problems when you sleep in as this method feels comfortable in the head. When you finally remove the paper towel or fabric the next day, it will give your hair a dramatic transformation. This is a great temporary curl fix. If you want your curls to hold longer throughout the, spritz on some setting spray.

2) Pencil (or pen)

To curl your hair using a pencil, simply wrap a section of your hair tightly around it. Then, secure both ends with a hair tie or a rubber band. After setting, take out the pencil once your hair is dry. This hack is ideal for creating and adding volume, layers, or textures to your hair, as it gives somewhat tight and defined curls.

3) Socks

Socks are another terrific no-heat method to create beautiful curls. You may have seen this hack on YouTube and other social media sites. Have a clean sock, grab a section of your hair, wrap the ends around the midsection of the sock, and roll away. Make sure to roll it up closest to your scalp, then secure by bringing both ends of the sock together and tying them into a knot.

Once your hair is dry, remove the sock. Your hair will end up having more volume with loose and bouncy curls!

4) Bubble tea straw 

A bubble tea straw is an oversized straw to allow the “boba” or tapioca pearls to pass through as you sip the bubble tea. But it may also find its way to your personal hair care! 

Bubble tea straws work pretty much the same as pencils or pens in curling your hair. To get those beachy waves, roll your hair onto the straw and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat this procedure until all sections of your hair have been rolled. Then remove the straws once your hair is dry.

A bubble tea straw has a large hole that will help the bobby pin secure the rolled-up hair in place. The bigger, wider, and thicker straws will create softer, medium-sized curls. Using regular-sized straws is also okay if you want tighter curls.

5) Rubber band or hair tie

Right, you’ve read it! The simplest tools, not surprisingly, would often give the easiest results, which applies perfectly to this method. To get those soft, beachy waves, start by parting your hair down in the middle to make two sections. Gather the first section and tie it into a high pigtail, then start twisting it to make it look like a rope. Keep on twisting until you reach up just close to the scalp area, then tie it up with a rubber band or hair tie to secure it. Do the same procedure for the other section, then leave it to set.

You also have the option to wear this hairstyle for a few hours until your hair becomes completely dry.

Once your hair is dry, gently remove the rubber band and spritz your newly curled locks with some setting spray for hold and volume.