How To Make Your Manicure Last As Long As Possible

Oh, the happiness of freshly manicured hands! Women who love going to the salon can easily relate. After a hectic week at work, sitting down on that comfy chair and getting your nails done is therapeutic, to say the least. It can rid you of stress and boost your confidence since you know you look good now. Spending a few bucks on your hands can pay off really well in terms of how happy you feel post-manicure – unless you end up chipping your nail or ruining your manicure. 

You can invest all the cash at the salon knowing that it will make you feel good at the end of the day. However, if you end up spoiling that look, spending your hard-earned money does not make sense. It is heart-breaking and not worth all the patience. And this is why here we have some great tips on how we believe you can make your manicure last longer:  

  • Fix Chipped Manicure Instantly: 

Procrastination is the mother of all evils. Laziness, and not a tiny chip on your nail, can ruin your whole manicure unless you fix it on time. Unfortunately, we often look at a chipped nail and vow to fix it but forget about it only to remember when it ruins the entire nail. A small chip can peel off the entire nail if it is left untreated. Therefore, if you wish to maintain a proper manicure for long, you need to make sure to fix your nails the moment they break or chip. 

There are numerous ways you can fix a chipped nail. The best way is to keep a nail glue at home. Apply a coat of the nail glue over the crack and once it dries, do a double-coast of nail color. 

  • Avoid Taking Steamy Baths:

According to WebMD – yes, we are backing this up by science – keeping your nails in water for lengthy periods can lead to nail peeling. But how, you ask? The culprit is too much moisture. When nails get wet, they absorb the moisture and swell. Later, when they dry, they shrink. This constant change, along with the use of harsh soaps, can lead to nail chips. 

The one thing most people love after a hectic day is soaking themselves in a hot tub of water. It is very relaxing, we agree. However, it can be extremely damaging to your gorgeous manicure. So say no to long hot showers if you wish to maintain your manicure and adopt a habit of taking quick cold water baths. 

  • Keep Your Hands Moisturized:

When we talk about nail chipping because of too much moisture, we also do not want the nails to dry out. Because thirsty nails can also easily chip and break. And this is why you need to moisturize your hands properly. It is all in maintaining a healthy balance, which is why we advise you to use a good hand cream or cuticle oil to give your hands the pampering they need. You can keep one bottle on your nightstand and moisturize your hands before sleeping. It will keep your hands soft and your nails less prone to breaking. 

  • Wear Gloves:

We can hate washing the dishes as much as we can, but it is a chore that needs doing at the end of the day. You can not entirely avoid it, even though it is something that can conveniently strip your hands of all their prettiness. Too much exposure to water, as we discussed earlier, or harsh detergents and chemicals can ruin your manicure very easily. And this is why wearing rubber gloves before you do any house chore is always a good idea. 

  • Choose The Right Colors:

Don’t you hate when your nails start peeking from behind the nail color after a few days of nail growth? Us too! It destroys the whole look of your manicure and makes your nails look super undone. If you wish to make your manicure look proper for a longer period, then we advise you choose lighter tones of nail color such as pastels, neutrals, or a French manicure. This way, even after a few days of nail growth, your manicure will not look hideous.

  • Try And Paint Only The Nails:

If you are not an expert, it is common to end up painting the cuticles along with painting the nails. But experts opine that it is something you should avoid if you wish to keep your manicure intact. Because if you do not, your nail color can peel off quickly. 

Nail colors do not adhere to the skin as strongly as they do to your nails. Once the polish dries, it can easily peel off the skin and take away polish from the nails as well. Therefore, if you do not wish to damage your nail color, soak a cotton bud in some polish remover and wipe off all the nail color from the cuticles. 

  • Do NOT Shake Before Using:

It is common for people to shake or tap the bottle before applying nail color. You might do this to stir things up inside the bottle but hold on! Shaking the nail color bottle can actually create air bubbles in the polish. You might look at your polish and see no bubbles but trust us. Even though the air bubbles are not visible, they are there and will ruin your manicure. 

However, if you want to get the nail polish moving, try and roll the bottle between your palms smoothly. It will remove any air bubbles inside the bottle and ensure a smooth finish. 

  • Prep Your Nails Before The Mani:

One other pretty effective way to ensure that your manicure stays longer is to prep your nails with vinegar before applying the nail color. The vinegar will help cleanse your nails of any dirt, grime, or excess oils and will act as a natural cleanser for your nails. You can use a cotton swab to wipe your nails clean. You let them dry then, and once done, start your manicure. 

  • Keep Your Nails Short:

Long nails look lovely! But they are also more prone to chips and breaking. And this is why keeping your nails short while getting a manicure can help you keep them safe for longer periods. 

  • Apply A Strong Basecoat:

Quite often, we see people worry about their nail colors or topcoats. These are the same people who have no idea about the significance of a basecoat when doing a manicure. Basecoats are critical and play a huge role in keeping your manicure healthy and intact for many days. Strong and sticky basecoats help the polish hold better to your nails. So before applying your nail color, basecoat your nails for an extended manicure life. 

One great tip is to coat your nail tips twice with the basecoat to avoid chips and breaks. First, apply a thin layer on the top half of your nail, and then apply the basecoat to the entire nail. This way, the tips of your nails will stay sturdier. 

  • Choose A Good Topcoat:

Mattifying topcoats make your manicure look super cool. But if you are not such a fan of matte nail colors, consider an extra-shine topcoat. But that is not all to the topcoat selection. If you wish to give your manicure a lasting strength, consider getting a chip-resisting and strengthening topcoat. You can also look into topcoats that promise hydration since that will also help protect manicures from chipping.  

  • Touch Up Your Topcoat Every Three Days:

It sounds like too much work, but you will thank us once you see what it does for your manicure. Topcoat needs maintenance and reapplying it every two to three days will help you ensure your manicure stays safe and damage-free. 

  • Use Cold Air To Dry Your Nails:

You may want to use your hairdryer on your nails to dry them up quickly before you rush out, but that is a no-no. Heat can make your manicure more likely to chip and break. Instead, try using your hairdryer in a cold air setting, and if you do not have that, try using a fan to let your nails dry. 

One point to remember here is that even though it may look like your nails have dried, they may have not. Nail colors take approximately an hour to dry up, which is why we advise you to be super careful until your manicure sets fully. 

  • Do NOT Pick On Your Nails:

Last but not the least, make sure you do not pick on your nails. Biting, chewing, or picking on your nails with your fingers can lead to your manicure chipping or breaking. 

Getting a manicure gives your hands a fresher outlook. However, a slight chip of a nail can ruin the entire look. In addition, salon services at times cost a fortune, which is why it is natural to want to keep your manicure intact for long to avoid the costs of another trip to the nail salon. Manicures can chip or damage easily if not taken care of, and this is why we have listed a few tips above. With the help of these amazing tips, we are positive that your manicure will keep looking pretty for days.