Tips on Hair Styling and Hair Care According to Hair Type

Many women treat their hair as their pride and joy. From fine and straight to curly and voluminous, every woman’s hair may be different, but they’re still beautiful in their own ways.

How you style your locks is a matter of preference, but you might already know that your hair has its limitations. Maybe it couldn’t hold a curl or tends to frizz easily; these are qualities you have no control of, but you can discover how to work with them.

To take good care of your hair and know how to style it properly, you must first be aware of your hair type. The different types and textures of hair include:

  • Type 1 – Straight
  • Type 2 – Wavy
  • Type 3 – Curly
  • Type 4 – Kinky

If you already know your hair type, then read on to find out about the best products and styling techniques for every one of them.

Tips to Take Care of Your Hair Type

When it involves taking care of your hair, there are several different factors to take into consideration.

First, you need to know which products to use.

Shampoo and conditioner might seem too straightforward, but there are various types. The number one shampoo for curly hair may not work as well for straight hair and vice versa. Other products such as heat protectors, hair masks, hair oil, and others might have varying effects on different hair types.

Another difference in taking care of varying hair types is in the recommended techniques for styling and drying your hair.

Here are some hair care and hair styling tips you can try:

Straight Hair

For straight hair, it’s best to find a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that will give your hair a little more life. Avoid using products that have too much hold or are too heavy. A good dry shampoo is also a must, even right after showering a blow-drying your hair.

How to Style It:

Flip your hair upside down as you blow-dry it and use a round brush to add more volume. After drying your hair, spritz some dry shampoo by the roots to soak up the excess oil (you can also do this before going to bed on days when you’re not washing your hair). If you prefer taking things up a notch, try to apply a texturizing product and spread it from the root to the tip.

Wavy Hair

To take care of wavy hair, use a shampoo and conditioner designed to moisturize and hydrate your hair. To help reduce frizz and lock in hydration, try applying a moisturizing hair mask once a week.

How to Style It:

Apply a bit of styling mousse from your roots to the tip of your hair while it’s still damp to keep your natural waves from turning frizzy. You can also try applying a little hair oil beginning halfway through the shaft and working it until the ends (avoid your scalp to prevent your hair from looking greasy). As you dry your hair, you can use a diffuser and rest the tips on the attachment to dry. For additional frizz control, turn the heat off when your hair is almost dry and work in a finishing cream.

Curly Hair

The foundation of the hair care routine for curly hair must be a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner; you might even see one explicitly designed for curly hair. You may also want to try hair oil, curl jelly, or mousse to define your curls and control frizz.

How to Style It:

Apply some hair oil or light mousse from root to tip if you prefer to embrace your curls, but be sure that it’s nothing heavy. As soon as you’re out of the shower, detangle your hair without pulling out the curls by using a wet brush, then blow-dry it using a diffuser.

Very Curly or Kinky Hair

The key to taking care of very curly hair is moisture. Begin with a shampoo and a heavy moisturizing conditioner meant for curly hair. It would help if you also apply a moisturizing mask as frequently as you wash your hair. Other products such as finishing creams and hair oils can add definition to your curls and lock in moisture while applying light pomade can help with styling.

How to Style It:

Right after showering, you’ll want to dry your hair with a towel to remove any excess moisture. Very curly hair tends to work best when air-dried since the blow-dryer may result in excessive dryness and increase the chance of breakage. After drying your hair using a towel, use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to define your curls and add moisture.

These hair care and styling tips are pretty easy to follow, and they will help in keeping your tresses healthy and look their best. If you want to achieve lovely locks of hair, these are the tips you should follow.