How to Look Glamorous Even while Wearing Flip Flops

If you think flip flops are only meant to be worn around the swimming pool or the beach, think again. Yes, it’s best to wear them during the summer and swimming season, but it can also complete a summer outfit even when you’re walking down the streets. It’s a cheap item of footwear, so it’s easy to own a couple of pairs if you wanted to.

Whether you call them thongs, step-ins, slides, jandals, pluggers, go-aheads or chanclas, flip-flops are definitely “in” again, so you must know how to style them. Some of the most glamorous and fashionable women out there are wearing these rubbery footwear, and don’t hesitate to get on the trend. Here are some easy tips for looking glamorous with flip flops:

1. Buy a good pair of flip flops that fit your feet perfectly

Before you buy a pair of flip flops, stand in them and make sure you’ll see about an inch of sole all around your foot. If your feet hangs over when standing, it can be too small, and if you have a hard time walking in it, the sole is probably too big. When you walk in it, your toes should not pinch or curl to keep it in place. Also, pinching and curling your toes is the main cause of injury while wearing flip flops. When you’re trying it on, you must be able to walk as you would if you were barefoot. As you walk, keep control of the position of the slipper on your foot. Keep your feet pointed straight. Wearing the properly sized flip flop will keep your posture straight and proper so you can walk fabulously.

2. Keep your feet looking clean and smooth

Since your feet will be exposed, make sure it’s at its best when you strut yourself out in the street wearing flip flops. Before you go out, make sure your feet is properly exfoliated – you don’t want those flaky, dead skins visible especially in your heels. Keep your skin moisturized so it looks smooth. Also, make sure you clean your nails. To make it look glam, take it to the nail salon and get a pedicure, or apply nail polish yourself. If you want a pretty, yet natural-looking toenails, get French tips, as it never goes out of fashion.

3. Make sure that you’ll be walking only short distances before going out with flip flops

Before you decide to wear flip flops for the day, consider the amount of walking you will be doing. Podiatrists advise against wearing them on any trek of considerable distance. Flip flops are only advisable to wear for going for short errands like picking up your kids from school, going to the groceries to buy some essentials and the like. If you’re going out for an all-out shopping, it’s better to rely on comfier shoes that stay with your feet at all times. Also, your feet would be exposed to a lot of dirt, so avoid wearing these summer slides around big cities.

4. Pair it with a maxi dress

To balance the flip-flop’s inherent casualness, make sure the rest of your outfit is dressed up. If you wear a flowy maxi dress or long dress with flip flops, the more fantastic it looks. The combination of light, breezy fabric with a laid-back pair of flip flops brings a relaxed approach while still making you look glam and fabulous.

5 Pair it with your branded apparel

Add some personality and luxury to a flip flop by wearing brands. Of course, your flip flops themselves must be branded. Pick out your pair from brands like Havaianas, Ipanema, Banana Republic, Coach and Jack Rogers if you’re in for the colors and styles; or from Teva, Birkenstock, Reef or FitFlop if you want extra comfort. Then, pair it with other branded apparel, like for instance, a Celine skirt, and Yves Saint Laurent shirt, Louis Vuitton tote bag and Ray Ban sunnies. You will look effortlessly luxurious even while on flip flops.

6. Pair it with stylish casual outfits

Two girls sitting by the lakeside, wearing flip flops and stylish casual outfits

Before wedging a piece of plastic between your toes, make sure your outfits are pretty thought of. Flip flops are the simples shoe ever, and its simplicity makes it enter into a category of a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans – it’s that basic. So if you want to look glam, don’t pair it with the very basics. Add a bit of style to your outfit so you’d still look sassy. Here are some outfit suggestions:

  • Wear brown step-ins with a turquoise tank top, brown pullover, distressed jeans, and a fringed brown bag. Complete the look by wearing turquoise oversized earrings and tribal-inspired accessories with a touch of the two colors.
  • Look casual and cool with your brown leather flip flops by pairing it with a navy tank top, faded bootcut jeans, rugged shoulder bag with a touch of red, aviator sunglasses and a brown leather watch.
  • Look more sophisticated with black thongs by wearing it with a maxi side-slit white or light gray skirt, black crop top, black leather handbag, black watch and black Ray-Bans.
  • Go for gold flip flops and pair it with a white tank top or white crop top and pink cuffed jeans. Pair it with an oversized pink fancy earrings.
  • Wear black or brown leather step-ins with distressed cuff jeans, cream white tunic and aviator sunglasses. Complete the look with dangling earrings, stacked bracelets, belt and toenail polish that matches the color of the flip flop (brown or black).
  • Pair black slides with a striped top and a matching high-waist denim shorts. Keep them color-coordinated. Then finish the look with a black handbag and black sunglasses.
  • Gray flip flops are better paired with gray shirts, but you can style it up by wearing distressed jeans and a teal and gray scarf, then lock in the color combination with a teal bag and teal earrings.
  • Pale pink or coral step-ins are nice to pair with a simple white shirt and a cute pink cardigan plus denim cut-off shorts.