How to Look Glamorous in Sandals

Sandals are a freeing style of footwear. It allows your feet to breathe, plus it comes with many stylish options perfect for many occasions. Whether it’s heeled or flat, a great pair of sandals plus the outfit you wear can make you look glamorous in an effortless manner.

There are many different kinds of sandals you can choose from. Strappy sandals are everywhere, and it can be worn with just about everything – from miniskirts to maxi skirts, from denim shorts to pants. It’s versatile and eye catching, and can make your feet look pretty. Dressy sandals come with heels, and they look great for wearing for special occasions, for simply styling your office wear or for dressing up a casual attire. Gladiator sandals are also very stylish, with a T-bar running down the front of the foot. These footwear have a strong holiday feel to them and goes well with dresses, trousers and office wear. And of course, there comes wedges, which is a summer staple that can be worn any season. Wedges are easier and more comfortable to walk with, and are great for attending a summer wedding – because the heels won’t sink into the grass like stilettos.

There are a lot more styles of sandals than these, but whatever you choose, always remember to keep it stylish for a glam look. Here are some practical tips on how to look glamorous while wearing sandals:

Make sure it fits you perfectly

As with any footwear, you can only look well-dressed if the shoe fits well and you don’t look awkward while walking in it. An ill-fitted footwear can cause pain in your toes, heels or back of the foot, so make sure you only wear sandals that fits your size well so you can walk comfortably. If it comes with straps, make sure your feet and ankle doesn’t look and feel strained. Check if your toes or the back of the foot aren’t overhanging. A sandal too small won’t offer you enough support and stability and it can cause pain and discomfort as you use it. Meanwhile, a sandal too big can create tripping hazards and will likely fall off your feet a lot.

Get a pretty pedicure

When you wear a sandal, your toenails become exposed most of the time. There is nothing glamorous about dirty toenails or chipping toenail job. Before you go out and wear your sandals, make sure your nails look pretty. You can get a pedicure in the color and pattern you feel like wearing, or simply get it clean and finished with a colorless nail polish.

Pair your sandal with your purse

To make your outfit look well-put together, you can pick a purse or bag that has the same color as your sandals. For instance, that glittery stiletto sandals look glamorous in itself, but it even looked better with a matching glittery purse. Keep in mind that when you add sparkles through your accessories, make sure your clothes are in solid colors to avoid overdoing the glam factor.

Stick with neutrals if you’re wearing sandals at the office

Sometimes your feet needs a little breather from wearing those pumps and high heel shoes all week. You can wear flat sandals to the office as well, unless your employers outlines a dress code that prohibits wearing flat sandals. You can find a lot of sandals today that are appropriate for a smart business casual attire. To be safe, stick with neutrals like black, gray or brown and opt for high-quality leather. These exudes casual glamour while still keeping it professional.

Pair a flat sandal with a pretty white dress

A flowy white dress is a no-fail summer outfit, and it can dress up a flat sandal. Flat sandals are often understated, so they can go with pretty much everything. It’s a great sandal to let your feet breathe, especially when you’ve got plenty of walking to do on a warm summer day.

Go for pairs with metallic finish and skin-toned hue

If you’re looking to expand your sandal collection, make sure you own a pair with a metallic detailing or accent or something that suits your skin tone. A metallic finish in footwear exudes luxury – but be choosy, since those that are too flashy might look cheap. Also, a pair of nude or skin-tone sandal can look effortlessly stylish whatever you pair them with. Black is beautiful, but sometimes, a skin-tone pair looks more expensive.

Embrace block heel sandals

Wearing skinny stilettos all day can result to painful blisters. If you’re going to be out on your heeled sandals all day, choose the chunky, block-heel sandals. They give you additional height, and it also works great for sporting a professional and polished look. These sandals work perfectly with so many trendy outfit of today, from midi to denim skirts, to culottes and flares.