Tips for Looking Cute and Glamorous with Hello Kitty Style

Hello Kitty has been existing since 1974, but the character is still very popular. Perhaps you’ve already seen pink cars with Hello Kitty decals, iPhone cases shaped like Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty band-aids and more. Sanrio, her creator, has successfully built a cuteness empire that people from all generations love. The Hello Kitty shows might only appeal to young children, but the character appears in all sort of products such as clothing, bags, make-up, accessories, and even those from designers like Tarina Tarantino and brands like Sephora, MAC and Forever 21. Many of the Hello Kitty-branded and designed clothes and shoes are designed for grown women who grew up loving this adorable cartoon cat.

Being the cutie fashionista that she is, Hello Kitty has been a fashion inspiration for girls of all ages. You can look pretty and glamorous while wearing Hello Kitty-themed items without looking like you’re in some sort of costume (or looking like a kid). Here are some tips on how you can do that:

1. Achieve Hello Kitty cuteness with red

Achieve Hello Kitty cuteness with red

Hello Kitty sported different outfits, but one of her iconic ones are in red. Wear bright red jeans and pair it with a white flutter sleeve tee, then slip on a pair of silver glitter TOMS for a glam appeal. Add a red bow to your hair or wear a headband with a red bow to capture her signature style. If you really want to look like you’re sporting Hello Kitty, wear a white Hello Kitty graphic tee instead of a plain white one.

2. Wear pink, red or baby blue overalls

Besides the bow on the top side of her head, Hello Kitty’s favorite style is wearing overalls. You can find a lot of overalls for adults that make you look like you’re wearing a skirt or a dress. Simply put a plain white tee under and wear pink, red or baby blue overalls. Complete your look with a bow on your hair (of course), and add a touch of glamour by wearing strappy heels or leather boots.

3. Get some sparkly Hello Kitty earrings

The simplest way to work some Hello Kitty into your look while still looking glamorous is to wear a pair of sparkly Hello Kitty earrings. It’s subtle and not all people may notice it, but you’d be feeling cute all day with it. There are a lot of silver and gold stud earrings shaped like the face of Hello Kitty. There are also some that are made of Swarovski crystals for added sparkle. Or, you can get a simple logo earing with the name “Hello Kitty.”

4. Strap on a Hello Kitty themed watch

Show your love for Hello Kitty by wearing a themed watch on your wrist. You can find Hello Kitty watches featuring an outline of the cartoon cat on its face, with Swarovski crystals and her signature red bow. Watches like these will just inspire you and grab your attention while being ideal for wearing even in a more conservative workplace.

5. Wear a pink dress

Wear a pink dress

Besides Hello Kitty, you can steal the style of her cute friend My Melody. My Melody is a girly, adorable bunny who loves pink as well. To mimic her cute style with glamorous flair, wear a sweet pink dress and pair it with neutral colored pumps. Accessorize with a belt, a floral headband (preferably white flowers) and floral earrings. Alternatively, you can wear a graphic My Melody top over a pink layered skirt and wear neutral pumps to keep it glam and feminine.

6. Get minimalistic

One key to looking glamorous while wearing Hello Kitty is to go minimalistic. Avoid wearing over-the-top Hello Kitty apparel and accessories, or else you’d look like a kid. Look for items with a subtle Hello Kitty detailing, like fringe boots with small Hello Kitty bow charms, a sparkly charm bracelet with Hello Kitty charms, a black satchel for work with subtle Hello Kitty detailing and a bright red bow, or a sweater with a small Hello Kitty face on one side.

7. Get glamorous Hello Kitty nail art

Be posh with glam Hello Kitty nail art. It’s cute, it’s subtle and it’s fun to look at and show off! You can try glam nail art styles inspired by Hello Kitty, such as the following:

  • Paint all your nails in matte dark pink, and add a Hello Kitty French tip on your middle finger. Add Hello Kitty eyes, nose and whiskers on the white part, then paint a green bow on top to grab attention and create contrast.
  • Play around with white, silver and nude pink to give your nails a clean and simple Hello Kitty look. Use nude pink color by the base and French tip with white polish. Add a silver line separating the colors for an added glam effect, then paint flowers on one side of the nails using a brighter pink polish. On the ring finger, paint a Hello Kitty face on the white tip adorned with a pink bow.
  • For a more sparkly alternative to the last suggestion, use silver beads instead of a silver line. Topping your nails with silver beads will make it look more glamorous, and don’t forget to add Hello Kitty details such as her face and a cute pink ribbon.  
  • Get glamorous in pink and white, and of course, glitters! Paint your nails on the pinky finger and thumb with matte pink, the next two nails with white, and the nails on the pointy finger with glittery pink. Draw a Hello Kitty face on one white nail and draw pink bows on the other white one. Draw little black hearts on your pink thumb finger.
  • Coat your nails in red, white and gold for a sophisticated and glamorous effect. Paint your nail on your middle finger white, then paint the rest of your nails red, from the small arc at the bottom of your nails up to the fingertips. For your red-painted nails, add a gold dot at the bottom where the unpainted nail and the red paint meet, as an accent. Then, for your white nail, paint Hello Kitty’s face and add a red bow on it.