Tips from Experienced Manicurists

Caring for your nails is very important if you want your hands to always look good. This is why many people are going to nail salons regularly to get manicures. However, aside from getting your nails done once or twice a month, there are also other things that you can do to care for them. If you are interested in becoming a nail care expert, it might help if you can get tips straight from manicurists or nail technicians themselves. 

Nail technicians know a lot of secrets and tricks on how to keep the fingernails looking clean, beautiful, and healthy. In fact, some of them are very easy and can be done habitually at home. If you are searching for the best ways on how to care for your nails, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you different tips from experienced manicurists. 

1. Try exfoliating your cuticles in the shower.

According to a celebrity manicurist in California named Lisa Jancho, regular exfoliation of cuticles is very important, especially for those who have dry skin. Instead of waiting for your manicurist to do this for you, you can do it yourself in the shower. All you need to do is rub your nails using a washcloth when you take a bath. Push back the cuticles and rub them in a circular motion. Since the air in the shower is moist, it will help soften the cuticle, allowing you to clean it and remove dead skin easier. 

2. Always wash your hands and keep your nails clean.

A shellac nail expert in Utah named Amy Harold advises to always wash your hands. It’s better if you can do it twice. This is because dirty hands are just asking for trouble, both from an aesthetic and health point of view. Dirty hands and nails are not only unhygienic but are also unattractive. Your fingernails should always be part of the handwashing process and general cleaning process. Also, think about the nail technician that will smell and touch your hands when you get a manicure. 

3. Massage some lotion into your cuticles and nails.

It is important to maintain a proper balance of hydration for your skin, and that includes the skin around your nails. If you keep your hand skin and cuticles strong, it can help keep you from getting infections or irritations around your nails. Since we touch a lot of things every day, it is wise to ensure that your skin has a strong barrier against germs. 

4. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

When choosing beauty and wellness products, it is important to be careful and informed. When a product has more chemicals, the more damage it can cause to your nails and skin. As much as possible, always choose natural products and avoid frequent run-ins with nail polish remover. If you are working with household cleaning products that contain chemicals, make sure that you wear gloves and use tools like sponges or brushes. 

5. Avoid trendy patterns and colors that can make your hands look older.

Lisa Jancho also added that the overall appearance of the hands is an important element when choosing the color and style of manicure. If you have older-looking hands, it’s best to stick with neutral colors, and the nails should be short and round-shaped. This way, the nails will not bring additional attention to the age of the hands. 

6. Always keep your nails dry.

There are a lot of times when your nails have to get wet, like when taking showers and washing your hands. However, if you can avoid soaking your nails in water for long periods, you can have healthier and stronger nails. It’s because soaking your nails can lead to tearing, splitting, and infections from moisture and bacteria buildup. Therefore, when tub cleaning or washing the dishes, try to use cloth-lined rubber gloves. Also, dry your hands and nails immediately after unavoidable water contact. 

7. Cut and file your nails properly.

Cutting or clipping your nails regularly is also important. However, if you can’t do it properly, it’s better to have a nail technician do it for you. According to Amy Harold, many clients come in with nails that they have just clipped themselves, and oftentimes, they are uneven and too short. This might also lead to pain and infection. Therefore, if you’re not confident in cutting your nails, let your manicurist do it for you. 

She also added that in between manicures, it is essential to use a nail file and never metal clippers. It’s because clippers can cause damage to the nails and may result in peeling and snags, too. Filing the nails is a much gentle process and may also protect your nails from peeling or chipping. 

8. Only visit licensed nail technicians.

When choosing a manicurist or nail technician, it is important to pick one that is trustworthy and licensed. Therefore, you need to see their certification before your manicure services start. Nail salons are required to have licenses to ensure the customers’ safety. Also, a nail technician needs to have a certification that will show that they are trained and capable of doing a quality job without injuring or endangering their clients. If a salon or manicurist can’t meet the basic industry qualification standards, it is better to find someone else or another salon. 

These are some of the best tips from experienced manicurists that we can share. We hope that you learned from these nail care tips and apply them to make your nails look healthier and more beautiful.