Traveling and Renting a Car Inside the United States

Traveling during quarantine has become difficult. Back in the middle of 2020, traveling was pretty much forbidden in many countries all around the world, and nowadays, to travel to the United States, you have to follow specific rules or be a citizen of specific nationalities, like the ones mentioned over here.

Still, it is not impossible as long as you are a citizen of said nationalities. Citizens of the next places are some of the exceptions:

  • China
  • The United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland)
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • The Netherlands

However, what can you do inside the United States, and what is the best approach to travel inside such a vast country? In this article, we will cover some of the aspects you should always consider when traveling, as well as showcase some of the places you can consider visiting when traveling to the U.S.

The Planning

The Planning

The first and most important aspect of traveling is, of course, planning. Through planning, you will be capable of squeezing the most out of the time you spend in a foreign country while making sure the activities and places you visit are in alignment with your tastes and expectations.

This, as you might have expected, can take a lot of time and effort on your part, even more, when it involves such a huge country as the United States. That is why it should be done with plenty of time and preparation, since researching, taking notes, and even studying are big parts of the whole process.

If you are traveling alone, this aspect of traveling is much simpler, but it gets a little bit more complicated when you decide to travel with someone else. The more people involved in the experience, the more complicated it becomes since you have to find something that is appealing and enticing for all parties involved.

With that said, plenty of communication can make this aspect of traveling a much smoother one, since each individual can do some research and propose ideas, and all those involved can come up with a plan that satisfies everyone.

Traveling with COVID-19

As you might already know, a lot of things have changed with the appearance of COVID-19, and among those, are regulations. You have to make sure that you are following the national regulations of the country you are visiting, and stock yourself with enough information as well as supplies to remain safe, as well as keep others around you as safe as possible.

Things to Consider When Planning

First of all, as I mentioned earlier, each individual in this world has their tastes and things they enjoy. Someone who visits a foreign country might enjoy more eating food, so they might want to visit local stores to check on the cuisine, while others might prefer visiting famous spots.

Considering the things you enjoy doing is a very important aspect of planning a trip. That will facilitate the research for you and narrow down all the possible activities you can do. If you can engage in multiple activities, you will have to schedule things with a little more precision, but you will be fine as long as you are good at managing your time.

Preparing the Luggage

Preparing the Luggage

Of course, to enjoy a good trip, you have to prepare the proper amount of clothing and luggage. Too much becomes a burden pretty fast, while too little might become a problem as well. There needs to be a balance, and this balance can be decided by how much time you will spend traveling.

When you are traveling, a general rule of thumb is that, for a week’s worth of clothing, you should have a set of clothing for each day. Let’s say, a week’s worth of clothing could involve 7 shirts, 7 pants, from 7 to 9 pieces of underwear, and a jacket to fight the cold.

However, you can work around this rule. When I’m traveling for a week, I usually just take 3 4 pairs of pants and I wear them for two days each, exchanging them between days. Enough underwear, of course, as well as enough shirts, but I also like to have one or two clothing sets for fancy circumstances, in case a special situation arises.

Make sure to learn how to pack clothes, and try to take the necessary amenities with you. Among the things you should take with you, we can include:

  • When it comes to clothes, make sure to take with you: casual outfits, fancy outfits, a jacket, underwear, socks, pajamas in case you use them, swimwear in case it might be necessary. Depending on how cold the place is, a coat, hat, gloves, and a scarf might be necessary as well.
  • Besides clothes, you also need shampoo, deodorant, conditioner, soap, and a toothbrush. You might also want to take with you a razor, shaving cream, lotions, sunscreen, and a nail clipper. Now, for COVID-19, some hand sanitizer and face masks might also be recommended.

Some Places You Can Visit Inside the U.S

Now, if you are planning to visit the U.S, you have to understand that it is a very big country, and the number of options you have is incredibly vast. However, there are some popular options we will cover right now.  If you like cities, you might want to visit:

  1. Charleston, in South Carolina
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  4. Savannah, Georgia
  5. Chicago, Illinois
  6. New York City, New York

If you are more into small towns, the options we recommended include:

  1. Bar Harbor, Maine
  2. Telluride, Colorado
  3. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Visiting Multiple Places in One Go

Some people might enjoy the idea of visiting multiple places at once. This, of course, can prove to be a real challenge, but those who have enough money, time, or just like the idea of challenging themselves, will enjoy the experience as much.

Usually, people would just pay for a national fly to visit another place inside the U.S, but there are a lot of people who are not as wealthy as to do this, which is very common, in my opinion. That is where renting a car might come in handy.

How Renting a Car Works

How Renting a Car Works

Renting a car is a very affordable way to visit multiple places inside the United States. If you check USA leiebil, you can get a solid idea of the prices you can expect. However, there are certain rules you have to follow.

Overall, driving a rental car allows you to not only adventure yourself to multiple locations but also experience what it is to travel inside the United States like many people do: by driving. This provides a different approach to the whole experience, which can be rather refreshing and memorable if done with friends.

First of all, you need to be 21 years old to hire the services of most car rental companies. However, there are some that rent cars to people that are 18 years old, whereas others might require you to be 25 years old.

You also need to have a driver’s license with you for more than 1 year, and this driver’s license needs to have a picture of you. If it doesn’t, you might need to provide your passport as well.  An International Driver’s Permit is also a good thing to have, but it alone is not enough, since it is often used along with your driver’s license.