Glamorous Style Icons From Movies And Series

Wanting to up your glamour game? Where better to look for inspiration than our favourite on screen characters? We’ve rounded up our favourite glamorous style icons from movies and series for you to peruse.

1. Midge Maisel from The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel

This period comedy is a sartorial feast for the eyes. The show, which is set in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, stars Rachel Brosnahan as the eponymous Mrs Maisel, a New York City housewife who discovers she has a flair for stand-up comedy and wants to pursue a career in it. Costume design legend Donna Zakowska skilfully crafted Midge’s wardrobe not just to reflect a consistent sense of style and glamour, but to artfully reflect the character’s growth throughout the series.

2. Emily Nelson from A Simple Favor

When Stephanie Smothers’ (Anna Kendrick’s) elegant but mysterious best friend Emily (Blake Lively) goes missing, she stops at nothing to find her. While Lively and Kendrick are Hollywood royalty in their own rights, it’s the performance of Lively’s chic upper-class wardrobe that really steals the show. The character’s trademark pantsuits remind one of classic style goddesses Marlene Dietrich and Lauren Bacall, and her selection of designer shoes are enough to make your jaw drop. Keep your eyes peeled for vintage Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Christian Louboutin pieces.

3. Jessica Pearson from Suits

Gina Torres plays the formidable head of a law firm in this acclaimed legal drama series. While showing us just how badass a mythical powerful woman can be, Jessica elevates corporate-wear to a new level of glamour with her wardrobe of designer form-fitting dresses, pencil skirts and pant suits.
Glamorous Style Icons

4. Joan Harris from Mad Men

Set in the ‘60s and ‘70s; Mad Men is positively dripping in the style and panache of the era. The seductive Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks), the office manager at a prestigious New York ad agency, stands out above all others in this period drama. Reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, Joanie’s voluptuous curves are enhanced in form fitting sheath dresses that were popular at the time, and which flattered and celebrated all of her feminine charms. The perfect touches to her glamorous visage are trademark beehive hairstyle, and her use of popular accessories of the time: pearls, pins and scarves. 

5. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

The style of Sarah Jessica Parker’s ultra-fashionable character is so classic and chic, that it is as highly regarded today as it was when the series was in its heyday in the late ‘90s. Carrie Bradshaw was something of a trendsetter, and after she wore it on screen we saw items like the ‘baguette bag’, Dior logo tops and tutu skirts making their way into the wardrobes of glamorous women worldwide.

6. Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek

Love her or want to murder her, there’s no denying that has-been actress and scorned socialite Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) is one of the best-dressed characters on TV. She looks like she just splashed all her cash from winning big in an online real money pokies game on her outfits. Words like ‘structural’, ‘eccentric’ and ‘dramatic’ have been used to describe Moira’s wardrobe, which sports impractical heels, layers of bling, feathers, and a large assortment of wigs. The show’s creators admit that they based the character’s look on real-life eccentric rich women – any guesses who?

7. Villanelle from Killing Eve

Everyone’s favourite Basic Instinct style serial killer/assassin has a penchant for high-end fashion. Villanelle (Jodie Comer) has been spotted wearing designers from Gucci to Charlotte Knowles and Molly Goddard throughout her three seasons of cat and mouse games with British Intelligence Spy Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh). Villanelle’s dedication to her style is one of the things we love most about her – even when broke or injured within an inch of her life she’s found a way to wear the latest runway stylings.

From socialites to soapie stars, assassins to office queens, if there’s one thing that these glamorous goddesses of the small and big screens have shown us it’s that it doesn’t matter what you do, you can still look fabulous while doing it!