Pros and Cons of Getting Regular Manicures

Women always pay more attention to beauty and self-care compared to men. Every woman loves being perfect and looking attractive. To ensure this, women would be keenly focused on even minor details such as fingernails. The process of manicure is specifically designed for fingernails which provide a filling and appropriate shaping of the nails making them eye-catching. However, one must always be aware of the different types of pros and cons of getting a manicure. 

Benefits of Getting Regular Manicures

Getting regular manicures could bring significant changes to the body making them a healthy process. 

Improved Blood Flow

While this may sound a bit odd, but it is true that manicures are helpful in improving the blood circulation around the body. The reason is that the relaxing massage that is given to the hands during a manicure process ensures that the blood flow is not restricted and rather made better over time. Those who feel numbness in their hands could be having this due to reduced blood pressure and manicures could be the perfect solution.

In terms of medicine, the improved blood flow occurs because the friction created between skin and fingers helps in making the circulation better. A person with stable blood pressure is less likely to feel fatigued and stressed. Having a manicure on a regular basis will ensure that you don’t face any kind of blood flow problems. 


Nail Care

The nails are one of the most significant parts of the human body for the fact that they are used almost everywhere along with a hand. Nails might be touching your lips or mouth when you eat food. The nails could get dirty over time and eating or working with such nails is not advised. Therefore, the health of your nail is not just a benefit rather it is an essential reason as to why you should be having manicures done. 

The process of manicure provides a deep cleanup for the nails making sure that they look great and stay strong as well. Manicures are helpful in replacing the dead skin cells with newer ones which are vital for the nails to stay strong and healthy. In addition to that, there are many types of infections that can be caught by the nails such as fungal infections. However, manicures could become the single treatment for treating all such infections. 


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Stress Release

The entire process of manicure is designed in a way that would help you ease out, relax, and release excessive stress. Once a manicure is complemented with a pedicure and you get the full hand and foot massage, there is going to be a noticeable difference in your mood towards the positive side. 

With hands and feet being soaked into warm water, there is definitely a soothing sensation to the body which releases several toxins and makes you feel relaxed. Many women don’t just perform regular manicures because they want to care for their nails. A more important reason for them is to ease out their mind and body side by side. 



Caring for the different elements of body and appearance are considered a part of the grooming process. Maintaining the hands properly through manicures will make them more presentable as well as grooming. Request your beautician to ensure that there is perfection to the nails when the manicure is done. 

Remove the cuticles to enhance the appearance further. The beautician will also clip them, clean them, file them, buff and polish them making them 10 / 10 at every angle. If you are a woman looking to appeal to others, caring for even the slightest detail does matter and with manicures, you surely do that. 

Disadvantages of Getting Regular Manicures

Although manicures are quite useful towards the physical health, mental well-being, and grooming of a lady there is a catch behind it too in the form of some drawbacks.

Gel Manicures Weaken Nails

Among the many kinds of manicures, gel manicures are one of the most preferred ones because they leave a lasting shine on the nails. However, they could weaken the nails over time rather than making them strong. With heavy chemicals being induced in the gels being used for manicures, the nails could become thin which increases the chances of having broken or folded nails. 

What’s even worse is that you need to wear a certain color for some time even if you do not want to. Gel manicures are not something that you can easily take off because it requires special assistance by an expert beautician who has been doing it. When ladies try to do it on their own, they often end up damaging the nails which ruin the entire purpose of a manicure.


Natural Nail Color Could Change

There is a significant risk that the natural nail color could change if you undergo regular manicures. Most people would have their nail color turned yellow. Moreover, there would be restricted breathing for the nails which affect the nail care adversely. 

In addition to that, since the beauticians file down the actual nail, your hand needs to stay up. If you don’t keep the nails up, they will start to bleed and cause you pain while also damaging the possible effects of manicure. However, this is a limited disadvantage and under professional care, usually, such issues do not occur. 

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Manicures are expensive

Depending upon the type of manicure and the beauty salon you have chosen, it can be said that manicures can become quite expensive. People who would have the manicure and pedicure once or twice would be comfortable paying for it but those that are undergoing regular manicure sessions will realize that a large chunk of their money is being spent for them. 

Managing your finances with regular manicures is difficult which is why you do not see every other woman having manicures after a few days. Some women only prefer it for dates, or special events such as prom parties, weddings, birthdays, or other such events. It is our recommendation too that you don’t spend excessively high on a manicure.


Dip Nails are Unsanitary

You may have heard that the dip nail technique of manicure is one of the most organic ones but this may not be completely true. The fact is that the bonding resin is usually made up of Krazy glue which is quite unnatural and an artificial manner to keep the nails fit and healthy. Some beauticians dip their finger in and then apply it on you while the more sophisticated manner is that there should be a brush to spread the dip. 

Removals are quite time-taking and the chance that your nail gets damaged is high. Dip manicures are generally the pricier ones among all. You need to make sure that if you are spending a good amount of money, you get a completely safe manicure with a certified beautician so that the nail care is not compromised. 

Expert Only Thing

As much as we believe that manicures are something that can be done at home, it is a wrong concept. Although we can do them at home the odds of messing up are really high especially if you are using some of the toughest chemicals which the experts do. Women who try out YouTube tutorials randomly could be making the biggest mistake for their nails. 

For example, if you do it at home, you might not be remembering that multiple coats are needed to make sure that the natural nail does not damage. In case you miss any coat or do not do it properly, there is a significant risk of having stains on your nails which might not go away even with treatment. Most importantly, such mistakes can be made by the staff which is learning how to perform manicures at a salon. Do you think it is worth risking your nails for something that might leave permanent damage in the form of weakened or strained nails? We do not. 

Allergic Reactions

Many might not know but a major con of getting manicures very frequently is that there can be several allergic reactions. You may not notice them at the beginning but these allergic reactions could emerge over time causing significant harm to your health. Pro tip – Avoid regular manicures! Save yourself from allergies. 

Common types of allergies caused due to manicures include skin itching, nail pain, internal body reactions, skin spots, redness of the skin, and other related skin problems. For treating your nails, compromising your skin isn’t the option worth it. 



The famous saying goes “Excess of everything is bad” and we can agree on it for the case of manicures. We recommend having them not too much and not too little. The perfect balance would be appropriate. Get yourself a manicure once every 2 to 3 months and it will be fine. Don’t overexpose your nails to the chemicals as they may not stay strengthened and instead weaken out.