Face Contouring; A Perfect Way to Shape Your Face

Makeup has always been the favorite thing of the ladies. To look good is what everyone wants but achieving perfection is somewhat difficult, especially when it comes to face contouring. We all want the big eyes, the slimming effect on our face, and dimples along with suitable skin color but to make that happen, a lot of precise effort needs to be done. Expert beauticians can help you out with that. 

What is Face Contouring?

Contouring can be defined as a makeup technique that is used to modify, enhance, sculpt, or bring any change to the structure of the face such that it looks more appealing and gives a defining look that you are looking for. To make the face look slim, contouring involves placing a specifically toned color in a few shades darker than the skin color. 

This color is applied to different parts including the nose and cheeks which not only creates a shadowing effect but also makes sure that the face looks more symmetrical. A highlighter is used to make some parts of the face more prominent than the others for example the apples on the cheeks. Face Contouring can be performed in numerous ways depending upon your specific needs. 


History of Face Contouring

It may sound odd but the concept of contouring emerged in the 16th century when it was used by different stage actors to make the audience read different facial expressions in a better manner. At this time, chalk and soot were applied to the face. However, after the invention of electricity, chalk was no longer the feasible option and the actors started to use greasepaint during the late 1800s.

Surprisingly, during this time, makeup was not considered something good as Queen Victoria considered it as a vulgar thing to be done only by stage actors or prostitutes to appeal to men. However, during the 1920s and 1930s, with further advancement in media as well as the creation of new kinds of makeup accessories, the film actresses started to use it as well by accentuating the natural lines on their faces with shading. 

Many professional makeup artists started their own product line during the 1940s which made contouring and other facial makeup techniques popular. By the 1990s, most of the top models and film stars including Madonna, Cindy Crawford, and Janet Jackson were contouring their look to enhance themselves. By 2000, makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin published a book named Face Forward on contouring techniques which became widely popular and became a New York Times Bestseller too. 

Ever since that time, contouring has become very popular not only for the face but for other parts of the body as well including breasts. Intense makeup techniques and specific computer systems can now help in simulations providing the expected outcome of contouring a particular face. Sometimes it is not only used to enhance the features but to hide the ones that look odd for example acne marks, spots on the faces, and others, etc. 


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How to Perform Face Contouring?

Before we start to tell you the procedure of face contouring, keep in mind that you might make mistakes or not achieve the desired results in the first few tries. However, if you keep trying, you can become your very own professional makeup artist and will no longer feel the need to spend hundreds on an expensive beauty salon. 

Before we begin, here is “The Kit” which you will need for having the face contouring. You can get these products from your favorite brand or even amazon.com. For beginners, we always suggest trying out some low-end brands because you are just practicing and would not feel low even if you make any mistakes because of the cheap prices. The Kit includes

  • Bronzer – The bronzer must be two shades deeper than your current skin tone
  • Concealer – The concealer must be one or two shades lighter than the current skin tone.
  • Foundation 
  • Contour Powder 
  • Contour Cream
  • Makeup brushes set

Step 1: Preparing for the Contour

There are some things that need to be essentially done prior to having the procedure. Most importantly, you should get your face a full massage which will drain the static and excess fluids while also making your skin cleaner before the session. With a massage, you will also feel a visible reduction in puffiness. 

Use a soft and relaxing touch rather than going very hard. The better would be your massage, the higher would be the chances of a perfect face contour. Some people also use massaging accessories including jade rollers or vibrating massagers which are helpful for lymphatic drainage. 


Step 2: Defining Your Face

The most important element to define could be your cheekbones and the side of your nose. Many women prefer to define their jawline as well to give a more symmetrical and naturally appealing look. You need to spread the bronzer onto the parts where you want a better definition. 

For hairline, sweep the bronzer back and forth so as to build up the appropriate color. For cheeks, you need to highlight the apples of the cheeks. To make sure that you are highlighting the right area, we suggest you apply the bronzer after smiling to your fullest. Women who usually have slightly chubby faces also aim to make their jawline sharp. To do so, you need to have a light shade under the jawline and slightly above the jawline which will highlight a particular area making the jawline sharper. 


Step 3: Lighting It Up

Makeup artists usually recommend that a few dots of concealer should be applied on the high points as well as on the bridge of the nose and center of the forehead. This needs to be brushed evenly so that the entire facial skin tone looks fine and there isn’t anything odd about it. In addition to that, the concealer is also applied on the top of the cheeks and corners of the lips. The entire point of using a concealer is to make sure that your skin looks perfect and does not show any kind of marks, dark circles, pores, and other small blemishes. 


Step 4: Blend It All and Lock It In

That’s it! You now need to blend it all and unless you get the desired look. An angled brush will be most useful for this. Some ladies also use the pink sponge in a circular motion to ensure that the face gets even. Blending is one of the most important steps because if you haven’t done it correctly, the face will neither look good nor it would give you the look that you are aiming for. 

Once everything has been blended, you need the powder or the cream to let it settle in and make it look more realistic. Some people use powder on more oily skin while for dry skin, creams are preferred. Since women have different skin types, it is important to know that you get the right cosmetic product as your skin demands. 

Step 5: Ready for the Party

That’s about it! You are ready to look like “The Glamourous Women” right away. We recommend taking a before and after picture so that you can compare as well as see if anything is still left. Keep in mind that once the cream or powder is applied, taking off the makeup will take a long time so you need to make sure that the entire face gives a suitable look. Try moving your face in different directions as well as smiling to the fullest to see if any parts are still left that need improvement. 


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Face Contouring Benefits

  • The most important benefit of face contouring is that it is a simpler process compared to a surgical reshaping and modification of the face. You will save time and resources as well as potential complications of the surgery. Since a facial contour is not permanent, you always have a chance to change accordingly which isn’t possible in the surgical method. 
  • Face Contouring gives the face a smoother and younger look. Ladies who have been adapting the contouring methods appear younger than their age which could give a boost to the confidence levels. 
  • Every person has been made beautiful yet many believe that they don’t have the perfect look. If you also believe that your face has some flaws, a simple contouring session will help you overcome and make you feel more satisfied with your face. 
  • By modifying the facial features to almost perfection, face contouring always helps you get the desired look as well as increase your appeal. You will have all eyes on you if you have done the perfect contour job with your face. 



Face Contouring has become a famous cosmetic procedure for the past many years. There are newer techniques and products being added to make it even better as well as have fewer side effects on the skin. All that you need to take care of is to try to not make even the slightest mistake because if you do so, you will be compromising the beautiful look with a minor flaw. Try experimenting with cheap cosmetic products in the beginning and then move further to the expensive ones.