Best Types Of Manicures To Try

When planning your monthly trip to the salon, one of the toughest questions to ask yourself is which type of manicure and pedicure to get. It may get tricky since there are so many options you can choose from. Should you get long nails or cut them short? Should you go for a neutral color or strike a statement with a bold polish? Also, you might want to spend some good time contemplating before you get a manicure if you want it to stay for long. It is because some manicures chip too easily, while others will last you quite a few days. 

But coming to our point, when deciding your preference for a manicure, one thing you should keep in mind is the trending styles. If you are confused about making a manicure choice, you are just at the right place. 

Here we list some of the best types of manicures that you should try

  • Basic Manicure:

Let us start with the essential manicure. So your hands look tired, and you are not too much into fancy nail shapes. You sit down and wonder which manicure to get? Well, the answer is a simple basic manicure. It is ideal if you want to freshen up your hands after an exhausting week in the kitchen. 

A basic manicure commonly includes buffing your nails after filing, trimming, and shaping them. The manicurists will look into your cuticle condition and trim if necessary. They may also apply a cuticle oil treatment to help your nails grow and look better. It usually also includes a hand massage which helps the blood flow and makes your hand look healthy and lovely. 

Getting a nail color is an optional part of the basic manicure. You can choose to get a simple nude nail polish or walk away with your bare nails; it is totally up to you. A basic manicure never goes out of style; hence, it is one of our top manicure options.

  • Acrylic Manicure:

Have you looked at Kylie Jenner’s claw-shaped nails recently and wondered what those were and how to get them? Most celebrities these days get acrylic nails for all the right reasons. First of all, acrylic nails are tougher than other nail extensions, making them easier to maintain and longer to keep without chipping. So if you are someone who wishes to get a manicure that stays for long, acrylics should be your go-to. 

Also, acrylics can be styled in various shapes such as round, ballerina, coffin, square, which gives you many options to choose from. Moreover, acrylic nails are perfect if you are a nail-biter and want to get over this hideous habit. 

Acrylic manicure works by combining a powder known as the polymer with a liquid known as the monomer to form a gooey substance. It is allowed to cure on its own and applied on the nails as the extension. While it dries and hardens, it is shaped according to the client’s demand. It is also often decorated with accessories and takes around 1 to 2 hours to finish depending on the design requested. Acrylics are the trending manicure style this year. 

  • Gel Manicure

Next in line are the gel nails. If your manicurist brings out a pot of some mushy concoction and starts painting your nails with it, then you are most likely getting a gel manicure. 

Gel manicures usually include applying three coats of gel. You will first get a base coat, then the nail color, and then a topcoat. In between these coats, your nail stylist will place your hands under UV light for about 30 seconds each time to cure the gel, which helps harden the coat. It means that your nails will not smudge as they may with a normal nail color. 

Gel manicures tend to look glossier and more natural since they are thinner and more nail-like than acrylics. Gel nails stay as long as acrylics but are less prone to chipping since they are flexible and not too stiff. They also do not damage your natural nails as acrylics do. Therefore, if you love having your nails coated all year round and are worried about the damage acrylics may cause your nails, try getting a gel manicure. It is perfect for people who love wearing manicures all the time. 

Gel manicures come in two different types, one is the soft gel, and the other is the hard gel. Soft gel nails are easily removable by soaking in acetone at the salon. However, they are not ideal for providing length to the nails. On the other hand, hard gel polish is perfect for longer-shaped nails, but you need an expert manicurist to remove them for you. Hard gel nails do not get affected by acetone. 

  • Mirror Or Chrome Manicure:

Are you into glossy nail paints and love everything shiny? If yes, then you would love the mirror manicure. The process is quite simple. Your manicurist will start with a base nail color of your choice. Once the nail paint dries, a chrome powder is rubbed onto the nails to give the nails a reflective look. And voila, here you have it – a perfect chrome manicure. 

  • Shellac Manicure:

If you wish to get a gel manicure but are worried about removing it, then a Shellac manicure is the solution for you. To begin with, Shellac is an in-salon product and is a patented form of polish designed by Creative Nail Design. They have over a hundred different nail colors available at various verified salons. This product combines the properties of a gel manicure with the look of typical nail polish to create a manicure that looks glossy while being durable. 

A Shellac manicure involves first applying a base coat, middle coat, and then a topcoat. The curing is done using a special LED lamp designed especially for a Shellac manicure. Even though Shellac manicure is more prone to chipping than gel nails, they are very easy to remove. They also do not cause much damage to your nail. And the removal process can last up to 5 to 15 minutes. 

The Shellac nail coats come with a specific acetone-based remover that helps in easily removing the manicure without any damage. Gel nails usually need long soaks and filing to remove the gel, which can sometimes damage your nails. Because of these reasons, Shellac manicure is one of the most famous manicures in salons now. 

  • Dip Powder Manicure:

Dip powder manicures have recently started getting famous again after being a real hype during the 80s. This manicure requires dipping or coating the nails in a specific powder. The nails are first coated with a glue-like sticky substance which is applied before every dip in the powder. Depending on the opacity of the color the client wants, the nails are dipped twice or thrice in the dipping powder. 

There is no need for a UV light curing in a dip powder manicure. The nails are filed and shaped, after which a topcoat is applied, which seals in the powder, and the manicure is done. However, removing dip powder nails can also be a little technical and can damage your nails. According to experts, dip powder nails also last around four weeks, but it is best to get them changed before 14 days. It is because keeping something on your nails for up to four weeks can be detrimental to your nail health and can cause bacterial formation. 

  • French Manicure:

If you are working from home and do not want to invest a lot in a manicure but want a fresh outlook, then a French manicure is your best bet. We all know what it looks like, that natural, pink-toned nail color with a white tip. It gives your nails a classy look without them being too overboard. However, a newer trend is the French twist manicure, where the tip is not white but in different colors like a rainbow. It also does not take too long, just an additional 10 to 30 minutes more than your basic manicure. 

However, remember that a French manicure may not stay too long if you are only using polish. If you want it to stay for more than a week, consider getting it in gel or acrylic nails. The best part is that this manicure does not damage your nail at all. 

  • American Manicure:

Similar to the concept of a French manicure, the American manicure has an off-whitish colored tip on a pink, naturally colored nail base. If you are not a fan of the striking white tips in a French manicure, then this is your perfect choice. An American manicure helps your nails look healthy and clean and is ideal to go with classic outfits. 


A flawless manicure that suits your style gives your outfit a complete look. There are numerous manicure options available at salons. Some offer a classy look, whereas others look extravagant and stylish. If you are confused about what manicure to go for, we have listed above a few trendy manicure options that you can choose from. We are sure you will find one that will help you make a striking fashion statement.