Unique Manicures from Around the World

People get visit nail salons to get their nails cleaned and maintained. But in addition to that, many are also looking into achieving stylish and trendy nails. When it comes to nail ideas, many inspirations can be found online. Today, there are many different manicure trends in various parts of the world. Some of them are simple, elegant, and sophisticated, while others are out of this world and very stylish. 

If you want something unique for your next manicure session, it’s a great idea to take a look at what’s trendy in different countries and cities. To help you out, here’s a list of unique manicures from around the world that you might also want to try. 

1. The New French Manicure – USA

metallic French manicure

The French manicure is a popular trend in many parts of the world. But in the United States, people are going for the new version of it. Many are asking their nail technicians for colored tips, deep iterations, and metallic details. It makes the nails look clean but with style. 

2. 3D Nail Art – Bangkok, Thailand

applying 3D nail art

In Thailand, almost everything is too picturesque to be real. The same goes for their manicure styles. One of the most popular manicure styles in Bangkok is the 3D nail art design. Many people are requesting to design their nails with 3D arts of flowers, leaves, branches, and more. 

3. Negative Space – Cape Town, South Africa

Negative Space manicure style

In Cape Town, South Africa, many people are into abstract nails with a clear base. For them, this manicure style helps their nails last longer in between appointments. This style features a clear background. Meaning it does not show a regrowth. Aside from that, it also enables them to show a fun side of themselves no matter what their job is. Most of the people who are getting this manicure style are doctors, artists, and even lawyers. 

4. Lipstick Nail Shape – Seoul, South Korea

Space manicure style

In Seoul, South Korea, there’s a new form of nail art that focuses on the shape. The lipstick-shaped nails have slightly slanted tips that are usually filed for extra-long nails. This trend was dubbed by a Seoul-based nail artist named Park Eunkyung. She thought that it would be interesting to shape her nails into that shape and eventually gave it a try, and it became a trend. 

5. Print Blocking – London, England

There’s a manicure trend in London called print blocking. It is a simple haft animal-print nail art, which is a playful version of the classic color-blocking design. In addition to animal-print, you can also choose other designs. Combining printed nails with some negative space will add a clean and futuristic feel to the design of the nails. 

6. Abstract Metallics – Sydney, Australia

red nails with lipstick shape

In Australia, people love to mix up bright manicures. In addition to that, they also opt for a matte finish, which can make the color pop. Abstract manicures are trendy there, and they are adding in different colors with a splash of metallics. This manicure style becomes more popular during the spring season when people are spending more of their days outdoors. 

7. Stick-On Nail Art – Abu Dhabi, UAE

In Abu Dhabi, UAE, there’s a nail trend that is perfect for busy people. These are the quick stick-on nail designs that look trendy. Nail salons in their place can create different styles to bring out the personalities of their customer. You can choose from various designs, like classic, fun, and more. This manicure can only take less than an hour to finish. It is a perfect choice for those who do not want to spend a lot of time in the salon. 

8. French Rose Glow – Paris, France

nails with French Rose Glow manicure

In Paris, a light pink-nude color is a trend for manicures. It is like a touch of transparency and different intensity that depends on the skin color. It is a very chic and clean-looking manicure style. With these nails, you will find it easy to wear with jeans when you want to look cool or match with dresses to look sophisticated. It almost looks like natural nails, but it is always beautiful. 

These are some of the unique manicures from around the world. All of these manicure styles are indeed trendy and are far from the usual nail art and nail polish designs that we are used to when visiting nail salons. Which of these unique manicures would you like to try soon?