5 tips to save your hair from dandruff this winter

Winter is a favorite season for many of us because we get to wear our comfy clothes and enjoy soups, coffees, and all other warm and cozy foods. But apart from all the coziness that we get inside the house, the weather is harsh and tough that requires extra care. Dryness prevails everywhere and it affects our body.

Skin starts to get flaky that needs moisturization and we provide it in form of moisturizers but the real struggle starts when the head’s skin gets dehydrated and gets flaky which inflicts dandruff and it keeps on falling on your shoulders and appear in your hair that makes them look awful. It keeps on getting worse if not catered properly and becomes a reason for embarrassment in public. So before winter arrives, continue reading to know a few tips that can save your hair from dandruff flakes this upcoming cold weather:

Avoid chemical products

Conditioners, shampoos, or hair setting sprays contain a significant quantity of chemicals that can dry out your head’s skin and create dandruff as they dry out all the moisture from the skin and leave it flaky so it is recommended to avoid the use of chemical products as much as possible. Try to wash your hair only twice a week because washing your hair every day will make them in contact with a lot of chemicals and ultimately, it will result in dandruff. And prevent getting your hair styled by using chemical products that can deteriorate your hair in winters.

Use hydrating products

When choosing a product for your hair, invest the safe effort as you do for your skin because your hair is what makes you beautiful and gives you confidence. Obvious Dandruff can spoil your personality so when choosing your hair care products, look for hydrating properties. A range of products is available at Lux hair. You can choose according to your hair type and get rid of dandruff forever.


Oiling is the best way to remove dandruff and make your hair hydrated. Organic oils have the property to absorb in your scalp and give nourishment to your hair. They are not only good for the dandruff issue but your overall look of hair will be enhanced. With regular oiling, your hair will be strong, long, shiny and you will forget what dandruff looks like. Before shampooing, apply any natural oil like coconut, olive, or tea tree for at least 2 to 3 hours.

Avoid hot water

Hot water showers are cozy and relaxing but they are a threat to your body as they dry out your skin and head which results in dandruff scales so don’t wash your head with hot water. Rinsing your hair with cold water can retain the moisture and shine in hair.

No heat styling

If hot water can cause damage, imagine what drastic damage heat styling can do to your hair, so protect your scalp from getting in contact with heat and it will keep dandruff at bay this winter.