Most Glamorous T-Shirt Brands To Buy Online

A t-shirt can be many things. Sometimes it’s an undergarment to wear with your sweaters and dress shirts. Other times it’s a comfortable and casual item for an active weekend in nature. And in some cases, it’s a luxurious statement piece when you want to make an impression.

How do you get that look? There are quite a few glamorous luxury brands that offer gorgeous, high-quality tees that will turn you from a guy cleaning out his garage to Kanye West in seconds. The best thing is that you can get all these pieces online.

Here are the most glamorous brands of t-shirts to buy online.


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Gucci. It’s an expensive luxury brand founded in 1921 that has been on top of the fashion Olympus for a century.

Gucci t-shirts are luxurious, stylish, durable and come in various styles, from your classic basic tees to vintage-inspired looks. You can choose different colours, prints (yes, their iconic logo too) and fits from oversized to fitted to polos. Their prices start at $500.


A high-fashion brand from Spain counts over 100 years of history and never disappoints in its creativity. Their tees in bright colours and various logos have become a fashion junkie must-have thanks to the designer Demna Gvasarlia.

His work is influenced by sportswear aesthetics, particularly focusing on the modernity of comfort, functionality and technicality to create an aesthetically pleasing image. The tee prices start at $600.

Dolce & Gabanna

It’s no surprise that a glamorous brand like Dolce & Gabanna produces glamorous t-shirts too. They cost an arm and a leg, but the customers enjoy top-notch quality fabrics and creative designs.

You can choose from an array of floral and other bright prints, monochrome tees with D&G logos and styles ranging from crewnecks to polos. The prices range between $400-900.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is one of the most famous American fashion designers with over 200 stores worldwide. But you don’t need a physical store to buy a glamorous Marc Jacobs tee; it’s all available online!

You can opt for t-shirts with the classic Marc Jacobs logo or choose something more quirky, e.g. Snoopy graphic! The prices start at $125.


Balmain is a French fashion brand established in 1945. According to History of Yesterday, its first designs emphasised impeccable construction and all things lavish and luxurious.

Their glamorous tees represent the brand well as they’re heavy on embellishment and regimental detailing, logo prints and signature foil detailing. The prices start at $200.


The brand might not be as famous as the other ones on this list. Still, its founders achieved massive success in only three years with their more pragmatic approach to fashion and focus on the youth by appropriating mass culture into tongue-in-cheek garments.

It doesn’t mean that their clothes, including t-shirts, are less glamorous. They cost almost $400 a pop and are the golden youth’s must-have in places like London and NYC.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the ultimate preppy American brand that’s affordable yet still very glamorous. Maybe their most famous t-shirt is the classic polo, but you can choose from a wide range of V-necks and crewnecks too.

Whether it’s a plain white tee with a signature logo or a colourful piece with a graphic print, all of them are of the highest quality. The prices start at $45-65.


The French fashion house Kenzo is famous for its vibrant colours, jungle patterns and fun graphics.

The glamorous brand has a wide range of tees, which are the perfect statement piece for any guy looking to be noticed. We especially like the ones featuring a tiger! The prices on their online shop start at $95.

And if non of these glamorous brands appeal to you, you can always turn to trusted, high-quality t-shirts that don’t break your bank, like Fresh Clean Tees. You will look just as great and they have many types of t-shirts! Check it out.