2022 Make-up forecast for the glamorous woman

What’s in store for the make-up industry in 2022? The world of make-up is constantly changing and evolving. What’s popular today might not be popular tomorrow. That being said, we do know a few things about the future of makeup.

One thing we know for sure is that there will always be a place for beauty and glamour in this world. With these predictions, you’ll be well on your way to getting ahead in the beauty game and looking your best in 2022!

What’s new in make-up?

Since the birth of make-up there have been some notable evolutions in the market and in how we look. Many trends we see today, including contouring, highlighting, and highlighting powders, pale shades, and a lot more, are all trends that have surfaced in recent times, despite the long existence of make-up in the western world.

For example, the early 1900s had a much more conservative approach to make-up, and lipstick only became popular in the 1950s. Bright colors and pastel shades became popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, followed by the heavy blacks of the “goth” trend in the 90s. Nowadays there’s a trend for everyone, from soft glam to electric eyeliner, to smokey eyes and glitter accents.

While the styles in which we apply make-up may change, the ingredients usually don’t – and mineral make-up brands remain popular as ever, thanks to their texture and longevity.

Valentine’s Day will give us a sneak preview.

Valentine’s Day is always a day for looking your best and going out with your beau, so we can expect to get a glimpse of various make-up trends to expect on Feb. 14, with love-inspired looks being popular. And for the single ladies, it’s a great time to start a fitness goal routine and attract all the suitors.

Maybe you’ll wear a heart-shaped smoky eye like Rihanna, or maybe you’ll keep it simple with bold brows, liner, and a pop of red lips. Either way, Valentine’s Day is definitely the one day you can look around and see the latest in make-up trends that will continue for the rest of the year.

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Make-up trends for glamorous women in 2022

It’s really a little hard to predict what kind of trends will dominate, but we do know that a lot of makeup brands and bloggers are really focusing on skin care.

With the way skin care has come into the forefront in the beauty world, everyone can expect more innovation in this area in the future. Trends are one thing, like the popularity of “e-girl” aesthetics and fantasy-inspired make-up, but there’s also a major focus on having clear, healthy skin.

Women are more aware than ever before of harmful ingredients in make-up, which brands are more prone to clogging your pores and causing outbreaks, and which lipstick brands they are allergic too, so more makeup brands are using ingredients like beeswax and snail slime to leave skin feeling squeaky clean. Yes, that’s kind of a gross thought, but lipstick has contained fish scales for decades, so let’s not start being squeamish over a bit of snail goo.

As for what actual make-up trends we’ll see in 2022, we can look at high fashion for what to expect. The Spring 2022 runway showed us a lot of big glitter, neon eyeliner, high-gloss lips, and psychedelic-colored hair. It’s almost like we’re going back to the ’70s, but with modern inspirations.


TikTok and Instagram are going to be full of make-up tutorials to prepare you for the latest trends, so you can fully dive into the make-up world. Be sure to look around YouTube and Snapchat for even more tutorials and amazing inspiration. 2022 is right around the corner, so if you’re highly fashion-conscious, start subscribing to your favorite fashion vloggers!