Steps to follow before you choose “What to Wear?” for a vacation

A tour of your wardrobe just before a holiday is most likely to tire you up. Not because packing is a lengthy process but only because of the constant feeling while looking at your clothes that you don’t have anything to wear. Planning a vacation and getting the bookings done is the easiest part of a holiday. The tricky job is figuring out what to pack and put on. Don’t forget that it’s your choice, and whatever makes you stay adventure-oriented or live casually on your break days; you only need to select those. If that sounds like a hint, and you get the basic idea well and good. If not, here’s a small step by step list to get you through the tiring process and place only the best-chosen clothes in your backpack.

Step 1: The kind of Holiday

when in Rome do as the Romans do. Holidays are not the same and have a  motif. Some might be a laid-back casual one like a relaxing beachside vacation, and some might be adventurous like a trek or a forest excavation; some might be just about exploring a new city or country. You should know that each of them requires a different kind of dressing.  If it’s a beachside vacation, wear some good summary dress and go for more free-flowing and relaxing outfits. If you do not have one, you can always order one online if you are too lazy to go out. Pack some track pants and proper shoes for a trek because situations will not be comfortable without them.

Step 2: The season of travel

if it’s just a city exploration or a country tour, you will have a wider variety to choose from. You can carry casual jeans, party dresses, casual dresses and so on. But the only thing that you need to care about is the season. If it’s winter, you will have to keep sweaters and jackets on your list, and during summers, your options can vary from shorts to dresses. If halfway into the list reminds you that you don’t have things to wear, choose a dress online. Shopping needs no occasion.

Step 3: No. of Days

make a calculated, smart move, and this time you can keep the if and but aside. Yes, standing in front of the wardrobe makes you want to pack everything if possible, but if it’s just a week’s trip and you have two big bags, that will be an unorganised move. Plan your days out and pick one day at a time and see what kind of outfit you would want to wear on that day.

Step 4: Mode of travelling

It might seem a bit out of place as a step, but it is also an essential thing to note. Going on a road trip, putting on a dress might not be comfortable; instead, a pair of relaxed-fit jeans and your comfortable t-shirt should work. If you take a flight and put on a casual or trendy outfit, it should not matter as it will be a hassle-free journey anyway.

An unaffordable thought

You are staying at home for so long because of the pandemic. It might make you feel that the idea of a vacation is an unaffordable thought. You might not have looked into your wardrobe for a long time. Suppose that is so. It’s time to prepare yourself. Check what you have in store if you own some fantastic dresses. If not, shop for yourself. Of course, going out shopping isn’t advisable, but you can always order something online.