Tips On How To Choose A Watch For Women

Are you planning to buy your wife or girlfriend a watch? Buying your wife a quality and fitting wristwatch can be an ultimate gesture of love. While wristwatches have become popular among men and women, choosing the right one depends on several factors.

Besides telling time, opal-watch are also used for decoration purposes, which can double up as jewelry. Although most women need them to tell time, they mainly care about the watch’s look and its material.

Although a woman should choose a watch that fits her style, the wristwatch can also become an effective and beautiful addon. It can also be a sign of her style.

However, the watch’s appearance is just one of the many things you should consider when purchasing your girlfriend, wife, or mother a wristwatch. This article will learn how to choose a watch for women; the main tips to keep in mind.

Fit to Your Skin Tone

Based on the occurrence/situation and your outfit, you can select a wristwatch that suits you best. For instance, you should choose a minimalist watch with a simple dial if you wear official clothing during a casual activity or meetings.

On the contrary, when wearing fancy dresses for a special or prestigious event, the most suitable choice is a jewel wristwatch decorated with precious gems. However, similar to any other accessory, you should consider how the watch’s material and decorations fit/match your skin tone. You can enhance your look by choosing a wristwatch that matches your skin.

Ways Of Determining Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone is broadly categorized into warm or cool skin tone. You can determine if you have a warm skin tone by its greenish-colored veins. Whenever looking in a mirror, you’d notice a warm skin tone by observing a golden- or yellow apricot undertones. People having fair skin normally have a warm skin tone.

On the contrary, bluish-colored veins normally characterize cool skin tones. A person with having cool skin tone has noticeable rosy-red or pinkish undertones. It is popularly believed that most people have a cool skin tone, including those with tan and dark skin.


People or women with cool skin tones match or fit well with wristwatches made from diamonds and other stone shades such as magenta, red, pink, and blue. Hence, wearing or purchasing a watch dial decorated with blue sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, ruby, and diamonds can be flattering. On the other hand, women with warm skin should buy gemstones with earthly shades like yellow diamonds, citrine, alexandrite, and garnet.

Material making the Watch case

Does your wife, girlfriend, or mother have a cool skin tone? Then they will look best if they wear a wristwatch with a white- or silver-gold, or a stainless-steel case. On the other hand, warm-skinned women look best when wristwatches with gold or rose gold cases.

The Dial

The other thing to consider whenever you plan to pick a watch for your wife, mother, or girlfriend is the size of the dial. For women, the size of the dial shouldn’t be too big. However, it should fit the wrist size.

Most women prefer a watch having a dial diameter of between 34mm and 38mm. This plays a huge role in the wristwatch becoming a large part or a graceful detail of their outfit. The other critical thing to consider when the dial is the glass. Although watch crystals are of three types, sapphire crystal is probably the best choice.

The Strap

Wristwatches can have many kinds of straps. And because these straps are changeable, you have a wide range to choose from. However, because women usually prefer various outfits, when choosing a watch, pick watches with interchangeable straps that fit several situations or purchase different watches.

Are you interested in purchasing a wristwatch that has a bracelet brand? Then you should choose a bracelet material that is similar to the case material. When choosing the bracelet, consider your skin tone, as explained above.

Another elegant choice of wristwatch strap is leather. However, the leather strap’s color should match the other elements of your outfit perfectly. For instance, if you are wearing black high-heels or carrying a black leather backpack, you should wear a watch with a black leather strap. Further, going with Nato straps has been pretty trendy nowadays. These straps are suitable for outdoor or casual activities. They can also be combined with active clothing.

Find The Right Watch For Your Wrist

As you can see, buying a watch isn’t as straightforward as you had thought. Several factors, including the dial, strap, movement, and skin tone, come into play. However, this guide has elaborated on these considerations in detail. But where do you buy a watch?

Although you can purchase a watch for women from a physical store, we recommend purchasing it online. Besides convenience, you will also have a wide range of watch designs to choose from and offers. Further, you also will interact with major brands, including Lora Rose.

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Are you wondering how to choose a watch for women? This post has elaborately discussed the three main tips to consider. Women should be treasured, and a watch plays a vital role.

Besides telling time, it can also be a beauty feature, especially when worn with properly fitting attire. Though there are many brands, choose Lora Rosa, a watch designed for women to make them look and feel wonderful.