Ten types of underwear for women

They are various kinds of panties, depending on what you want. Below we have listed ten types of underwear. By the way, for your next shopping, check here for your premium quality seamless panties.

1. Hipster

This kind of panties is fashioned to be low-rise so they sit on your hips, just under the waistline but cover the hips a lot more, and have more material. They aren’t as breezy as others and have lower cut holes for legs.

2. Briefs

If you want a lot of covering, I suggest you go with these types of panties, they will cover you properly. There are various kinds of this underwear, one with a leg hole but High, and another with a High waist. However, they inadvertently will show panty lines, a lot of individuals use them seeing as they are very comfy.

3. Bikini

They similar to briefs, but they don’t cover as much, they have leg openings that are higher up, with lower rises. A lot of people use this type of panties, it has become increasingly popular with people wearing them everywhere, they are comfy and don’t give you granny panty lines.

4. French Cut

This kind of panties helps show your legs off if that’s what you are going for.  They will end up feeling like briefs seeing as they have similar waists, but with a higher leg hole.

5. High Rise

These types of panties keep your belly completely enclosed. If you don’t want your scrapping against your belly. These are a high-quality solution, seeing that a lot of panties end at your waist.

6. Cheeky

This type of underwear, similar to bikinis shows a lot more of your tush and covers it a lot more than a thing would. Though it offers less coverage than a bikini, a lot of cheeky type of panties have wider hips to hide panty lines

7. Control Top

As a result of shapewear, control top panties help to level you out. They can go all the way to above your naval, or higher with some even covering your bra.

8. G-String

This type of panties provides almost no coverage with a tiny thing back and the front as low rise.

9. Thongs

A thong has just a strip of elastic in the back to keep panty lines from trying to show across your clothes, providing you with the most level of exposure. As long as they’re not so close, they’re perfectly secure. Because there are no wrinkles on the sides and they are completely covered, wearing a thong lets you prevent noticeable panty lines. Thongs are a perfect choice for smaller clothing, but if you don’t identify the perfect style or shape, they may be awkward.

10. Boyshort

The women’s equivalent of men’s boxer shorts, they have a square-like type shape that covers more legs than any type of women’s underwear on the market.

They are different types of panties and depending on what you are comfortable with it, this list should aid you in your search.