Guide to Anklets Fashion

A lot of fashion trends come and go, just like the anklet. Remember the 90’s when people used to rock their outfits with a fashionable anklet? Or perhaps you’ve worn at least one growing up? But if you think anklets are unacceptable for a glamorous woman that you are – we heard that it’s getting fashionable again. While chokers became a popular throwback trend these past few years, now is the perfect time to ditch it and embellish your ankles instead.

What are anklets used for?

Anklets are worn decoratively and culturally. For women in India, anklets (also known as payal) has a symbolic meaning. It was worn there for centuries as an important part of their culture. Women wore anklets as a way of segregating the sexes. Tiny bells are attached to the anklets, so men would hear when a woman is around and so they would welcome her with respect. A lot of times, anklets are worn by unmarried women in India, and it also makes a distinct noise while they’re walking. What a great way to draw attention and find a man! Payals are also a traditional gift for a bride in India, and it’s a great way to announce her arrival in her new husband’s house as it tinkles when she walks.

But in the West and most parts of the world, anklets are simply worn for the sake of fashion. It’s like a bracelet, but instead of putting it on the arms and wrists, it’s on the ankles. Men and women wear casual leather anklets, as well as simple chain anklets in silver or gold. Anklets made of beads or those embellished with pearls, stones, charms, and other details are fairly exclusive for women.

What are anklet types?

Anklets come in a huge variety of designs, patterns, types, and sizes.

Common anklets that look fashionable and widely acceptable are made of metals like silver, gold, and copper. Jewelry and fashion designer brands have been making beautiful anklets made of metals as a distinct fashion item for all age groups.

Silver anklets are more common, and it can be made of pure silver, sterling silver, and German silver. These are also available in different finishes like classic sheen, antique, rustic or hammered finish. It can be complemented with precious and semi-precious stones or gems like rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds.

Metal anklets are available in two types: flexible and inflexible. Flexible metal anklets are made up of tied links in a chain, where trinkets and charms can be attached to it. It can also be worn loosely or tightly, depending on the size of the ankle. Inflexible anklets, on the other hand, are flat and stiff.

Besides metals, anklets can be made of leather or plastic. Plastic anklets are typically made of plastic beads in different colors or designs, but this style is better off for young girls or worn in casual outings.

How do you wear an anklet?

Embrace a childhood accessory with a modern take. Wear it in style so you won’t look out of place (and time). Here are a few fashionable tips on how to wear anklets:

  • If you have small ankles, choose thinner and more delicate anklets. If you have large ankles and calves, go for thicker ones – plus, they make a statement.
  • Sterling silver anklets are your go-to anklets. It suits both formal and casual outfits. If you want to jump in the anklet trend but you’re only willing to buy one, go for sterling silver.
  • Anklets with charms are perfect when paired with sundresses, shorts, sandals or flip-flops. Butterfly charms are perfect for your spring or summer OOTD, while seashells and anchor charms are great to wear on your beach trip.
  • Make sure that your other jewelry complements your anklet. You don’t want to go with a chunky charm anklet if you’re wearing a simple gold chain necklace.
  • Know what materials you are allergic to. There are people allergic to some metals like silver, so wearing a silver anklet might give them itching or a rash. Always consider skin condition before fashion.

In general, here are some basic do’s and don’ts to pull off an outfit with an anklet as an accessory:


  • Choose a thin metal chain with a dainty style – going classy and dainty is the most glamorous way to wear an anklet
  • Wear it with casual sneakers, flats, and backless loafers
  • Pair it with cropped pants, cutoffs, and shorts
  • Wear it with slides
  • Wear it with sundresses and sheer clothing
  • Wear it on a holiday, vacation and festivals
  • Wear it barefoot on the beach
  • Wear it with trousers or underneath long pants at work (as a pretty little secret for yourself)
  • Wear it whenever you feel like it (and of course, when it looks right)


  • Wear it with leggings or tights
  • Pair with tie-up sandals or boots
  • Layer up
  • Wear with “holiday clothes” or Halloween costumes (unless needed)
  • Wear one with bells or any noisemakers, especially at the workplace
  • Be embarrassed that you’re wearing it

Anklets are a glamorous way to bring attention to your legs and feet, as well as that fashionable footwear you’re wearing. If you know your legs are one of the most attractive parts of your body, go on and flaunt it by accessorizing your ankles. Whether you’re wearing a dainty or sexy short dress, or you’re wearing a tank top and short shorts, you can always add a touch of flair with anklets.