Best Yoga Exercises to Tighten the Skin

Due to the alarming increase in the number of diseases, everybody wants to stay fit. And for this, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise. Obesity is considered the basis of many diseases, and many people think it can be overcome by dieting and exercise. Exercise and diet can help reduce weight, but they may also make the skin loose (stubborn fat).

If you want to tighten your skin, the best option you have is yoga. Yoga not only makes us healthy but also makes our skin look fresh and tighten it. It is an excellent option to stay fit – plus, there are no side effects. To make everything easier, we have compiled a list of eight best yoga exercises to tighten the skin.

1. Downward Yoga Pose

Downward Yoga Pose

Also known as AdhoMukhaSvanasana, this one is the most basic and simple yoga pose. This exercise should be included in your daily routine as it has a number of health benefits. If you are doing a job in which you have to sit for hours, then add AdhoMukhaSvanasana right away to your daily routine because it minimizes hardness in the back.

It not only tightens the skin but also helps in fighting fatigue. From battling exhaustion and discomfort in the back to shrinking your waistline, this simple position is good for several purposes. It is best out of all other yoga exercises to tighten the skin.

How to Perform This Yoga Pose?

First, start by getting down on your hand and knees. Bend over and put your palm flat on the floor beneath the shoulder. The back is expected to be flattened. After this, lift your toes with your feet, then go up and lift your hips. Start to get on your hands and knees. With your chest facing your knees and hands straight up, you should make an inverted V while raising your hips.

Keep the pose as you breathe deeply for 15-20 seconds. Repeat this pose at least three times before moving on to the next one.

2. Cobra Pose

Cobra PoseAny list of the best yoga exercises to tighten the skin is incomplete without this pose. It just not only tightens your skin but also proves very effective in relieving pain. Cobra pose makes you healthy and more active as it strengthens the spinal cord. If you are suffering from kidney stones and want to get rid of the pain, the cobra pose can help.

How to Do This Yoga Pose?

First, lay flat on the ground with your chest, and make sure your legs stay on the floor. Now raise your torso and arch your back to your toes. Continue with your pose till you experience a slight stretch. Hold this pose just for 20-25 seconds, not more than this. After this, return slowly to the beginning spot; a jerk can cause discomfort and bad wounds.

3. Upward Facing Dog Pose

Upward Facing Dog Pose

As the name suggests, it is the exact opposite of the downward yoga pose (AdhoMukhaSvanasana). This yoga pose is also known as UrdhvaMukhaSvanasana. It helps relieve the pain in the abdomen, legs, and back. If you want to cut the fat in the thighs, this yoga pose is perfect.

How to Perform This Yoga Pose?

Lye on your belly and make sure your chin hits the ground and hip-width apart your feet. Then, place your toes in a way that your feet are off the floor. Hold your hands under the shoulder and slowly stretch your arms up and look towards the roof or sky. Arch your back until you feel it stretched. Take your bodyweight off the thighs and hang on to your hands and toes. Hold this pose for 20 seconds. With a deep breath, repeat it three times.

4. Plank Yoga Pose

Plank Yoga PoseThis yoga pose is not a typical one. Originated from plank exercise, this yoga pose is recently added and practiced. It not only tightens the skin but also gives strength to the body and muscles. Moreover, it helps strengthen the spine and gives energy to the body.

How to Do Plank Yoga?

To do this gay yoga pose, start with a push-up position. Tighten the abdomen and straighten your legs. Gaze forward by tensing the thighs and posterior muscles. Practice this pose for 20-30 seconds.

5. Tree Pose

Tree PoseTree pose, or also known as Vrksasana, is the simplest yoga pose out of all the poses mentioned above. It is best for beginners and perfect for maintaining a balance of the body. In this yoga pose, all you need to do is standing on one leg. This exercise not only helps to tighten the skin but also strengthens the legs, improves neuromuscular coordination, and opens the hip.

How to Do This Yoga Pose?

First, feel that your feet are rooted to the floor with weight equally distributed. Now, shift the weight onto your right leg and slowly lift your left leg from the floor. Keep your right leg straight but make sure not to lock the knees. Now, bend your left knee and put the left foot’s sole high on your right inner thigh. Push your foot back into your thigh with equal pressure into your foot. Focus your gaze and take 2-3 breaths and lower your left leg. After that, do the same on your right leg.

6. Sliding Table Yoga Exercise

This yoga exercise proves to be great in helping muscle contraction. In this yoga pose, you have to shift your body in a backward and forward direction.

7. Warrior Lunge Twist

Warrior Lunge Twist
This position tends to balance the stomach tissues, and its spinning characteristic includes the difficult-to-tone gaps in the body. The way to do this is to extend your left leg and extend the knee by a 90-degree angle, and you must do that with the other leg with some other moves.

8. Bridge with a Leg Sweep

Bridge with a Leg Sweep

As the name suggests, this yoga pose looks like a bridge. If you want to sculpt your butt, then this yoga pose is best for you. It also helps stabilize the abdomen.

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Keeping yourself healthy nowadays isn’t that difficult. With a variety of healthy eating options and exercises, one can never find himself restricted or limited. If you want to tighten your skin without injecting all those synthetic materials into your skin, yoga can be the best choice. Start by practicing two to three yoga poses from the list mentioned above, continue doing so a month or twice along with a healthy diet, and see the magic.