How to take care of different skin types

Did you know that there are different skin types found in hands? The nature of skin varies amongst individuals, and of course, every type of skin reacts differently to varying conditions. That’s the reason buying skin products isn’t easy. Not every product that worked on your friend’s skin, will work the same way on yours. You should figure out the kind of skin you have, and use face products accordingly. Don’t worry, in this article, we will cover all the human skin types and some tips on how you can take care of different types of skins.

Normal Skin

People having normal skin types should feel very lucky as they are blessed! This type of skin doesn’t get too oily, ages accordingly, and remains balanced in every aspect. Normal skin doesn’t age early and remains beautiful and fresh for most of the time. Regular cleansing and applying not much face care products can do the job. Just stay hydrated, follow simple skincare methods, and no need to worry about eating high carbs.

If you are having damaged skin, you can use La Clinica skin repair cream.

Oily Skin

Excess sebum production results in oily skin. This kind of skin is always in danger of catching acne problems. Excess oil a visible on your face when your skin is oily. To get smooth oil-free skin, use a good quality moisturizer and moisturize your skin on daily basis. Apart from that, wash your face at least twice a day. Make sure to rinse off the soap well.

Moreover, oily skin can also be avoided if you stay hydrated. It is very important to drink an ample amount of water so that your skin remains moist. Production of oil will be reduced with this.

Dry Skin

Remember we asked you to stay hydrated? This is what happens when your skin isn’t moist properly. It becomes dry!

To avoid having dry skin, you have to drink ample water most importantly.

For the people having dry skin, moisturize your skin on daily basis. Don’t take long showers and use a humidifier to retain the moisture. Apart from that applying sunscreen will also prove to be beneficial for your dry skin. It will help you retain the moisture on your skin.

Combination Skin

As the name suggests this type of skin is a combination of two skin types. The oily skin and dry skin. Your cheeks will be dry and sensitive if you have combination skin.

We recommend you to use a moderate cleanser regularly. The pores are larger if you have combination skin. Hard products may damage your skin. So make sure whatever cleaner you are using is of good quality and moderate in nature.

Exfoliate your skin gently once a week only. Apart from that the most important remedy for combination skin individuals is to wear sunscreen regularly. Don’t forget to make sure the sunscreen you are applying is oil-free. No matter its makeup or sunscreen, the products have to be oil free.