What Can We Expect From 2022: The General Trends of UI/UX-design?

A visual picture on a website or mobile application plays an important role for an average user. Like fashion trends, every year experts in the development of websites and apps focus on the most relevant innovations, opportunities to use for their own brand. UI / UX design trends of 2022 will allow you to predict directions for the interface in advance, as well as improve the enjoyer experience.

What are UI / UX trends?

The modern design of websites and mobile applications has a huge variety. Nowadays, you won’t surprise anyone with pop-up animation. A couple of years ago, it was a cool and fashionable trend, and now it can be found everywhere on the Internet. At the same time, professional UI developers regularly “set” the mood and come up with new unusual features. Innovative technologies and fashionable principles that developers use on their sites are aimed at capturing the interest and attention of the audience.

TOP 14 Key Tendencies in Mobile Visuals

1. Upgraded 3D elements

Visual effects perfectly catch the attention of a potential audience, demonstrating the virtual space fully . The trends in UI / UX mobile patterns 2022 are aimed at reducing the time to open a resource. In the future, the emphasis will be on small frameworks. 3D elements are useful additions and can improve usability. The design looks more original and unusual. Next year, developers will be looking for new tools to quickly load page information, including graphics.

At the moment, an interactive animation is being created, which is more remembered by the user, but does not reduce the website loading speed. The main purpose of such a drawing is to grab the attention of visitors. The effect of the movement has a positive effect on the reputation of the company and its promotion, the number of target audience increases.

2. Abstract visualization

Many brands are already using special equipment in test mode to create such a design. This method improves communication with the client. It takes less time to get to know the product / service thanks to the functional user interface.

3. Emotional pattern

An attractive picture helps to establish a close connection with your audience. Visual “living” objects evoke different feelings and reactions in viewers, draw attention to the site and simplify the sale. Feel free to experiment with vibrant colors to highlight the main items of the interface. For example, the style of the 90s evokes a sense of nostalgia. You can implement this idea as a reference to the past using modern technology.

4. Geometric structure

This is a classic that does not go out of style, the basic rules are preserved. If you are not ready to introduce innovative technologies, it is important to create using geometric shapes.

5. Voice search

Customers are increasingly using this function in their daily lives. This simplifies the process and saves time. In 2022, voice search will actively develop and improve, since it is easier to contact a voice assistant using only his name and a key request. Therefore, the developers are planning to improve the functionality of this area.

6. Dark pattern

The popularity of this topic is not going to give up positions in the new year. Many users note that they activate the dark theme in their daily life. It is known that with this light there is less stress on the eyes. It is also recommended to turn on such a background if you use the device before going to bed. This makes it easier to fall asleep without affecting the quality of sleep. Dark mode combined with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) can extend battery life. Many large companies have already implemented it in their own digital developments. The feature is growing in popularity exponentially. The companies are expected to offer several shading options in 2022.

7. Split screen

The screen is conventionally divided into two content panels and collapsed into a vertical box in the user interface on a small device. It allows you to create content that not only works well on different gadget models, but also looks good. The main reason for its popularity is that it is a great idea when the look and feel of the website match the mobile app.

8. More text

Tendencies 2022 return layered headings. Text has become a more selectable element, providing enjoyers with more information from the first visit to the page. Keep in mind that this trend is especially good and effective when paired with the right typography.

9. Advanced personalization

This is a tool with which you can determine what specifically interests your target audience has and offer it the most relevant option. The personalization algorithm is an important part of the UX visual that shows the effectiveness of an ad.

In the future, many brands should focus on driving interactive tendencies. The main goal is to simplify the process of interaction with the site, following minimalism and simplicity.

10. New fonts

Typographic directions change directions every year. In the visual of the coming year, the classics are replaced by serifs (a short, usually perpendicular stroke at the end of the letter, from which the main stroke of the sign begins and ends), the font size changes from word to word, the translucent font overlaps the opaque one, more boldness and italics are used. Formal Open Sans fades into the background.

11. Adaptation for new gadgets

The process constantly requires revision in connection with the updating of the technical characteristics of new devices. Smartphone manufacturers produce models with rounded edges, without bezels. Developers are forced to adapt and develop mobile versions and applications based on the external design of gadgets. The task of the specialists is to provide a high-quality enlarged picture for the phone that fully corresponds to its parameters.

12. Unique microinteraction

The function includes the presence of tactile reviews in the mobile version, the ability to adjust the shade for different states of the application, visualization of the loading of the desired page, adding animation when switching, etc. This personalized approach ensures a “warm” interaction between the user and the resource. More often than not, this kind of contact has a beneficial effect on the client and ensures that he stays here.

13. High performance software

UI / UX tool promotes fast loading. To increase this metric, you need to add only those elements that are useful, but at the same time do not have a significant impact on load time.

14. Synchronization between devices

This option makes your site multitasking and improves performance. Optimization of work processes is impossible without it.


Many items on this list are a continuation of an already outlined trend. More high-quality content using new modern technologies is the main vector for the development of visual programs for mobile devices. Implementation of more interactive elements should be taken as a basis. At the same time, it is important to harmoniously and simply include them in the overall concept. It is worth noting that the new year will bring a lot of innovations and discoveries, so the coming period can be safely called truly innovative for the user interface. At the same time, do not forget that the main task of UI / UX is comfort and convenience for customers.