Safely Tan Without Damaging Your Skin

There are lots of people who love the look of tan or sun-kissed skin. This is the reason why they like to spend long hours under the sun to achieve the perfect summer glow. However, spending too much time in the hot sun can have dangerous effects on the skin. It can … Read more

Essential Oils That Are Phototoxic

Essential oils are becoming useful for a lot of people these days because of their limitless healing powers. In fact, many essential oils are included in skincare products. There’s actually an essential oil for just about everything. From treating acne to healing cut and scars. Aside from those, essential oils are also … Read more

Guide to Jade Rollers

Elera 2pcs Jade Roller

If you’ve been following beauty vloggers on Instagram or YouTube, you may have encountered some of them using jade rollers. Celebrities and influencers have been showing themselves dragging what it looks like a small paint roller made of stone into their cheeks, under eye area and jawlines. They say they’re de-puffing their … Read more

Best Jade Rollers

Mount Lai Jade Roller

Have you ever had mornings when you wake up and feel less bright-eyed and puffier? The jade roller is a tool for that. Jade rollers are handheld face massaging tool that looks like a mini paint roller, except that you roll a piece of jade stone instead of sponge. Jade rollers may … Read more

Almond Oil for Acne Scars

Almond oil

Almond oil – who doesn’t know it? It is considered a blessing to a lot of people. Besides its obvious use for culinary purposes, almond oil is also valued for its extensive use in health and beauty. But first off, some interesting facts about the almond itself. Do you know that the … Read more