Guide to Jade Rollers

If you’ve been following beauty vloggers on Instagram or YouTube, you may have encountered some of them using jade rollers. Celebrities and influencers have been showing themselves dragging what it looks like a small paint roller made of stone into their cheeks, under eye area and jawlines. They say they’re de-puffing their skin, while some beliefs on its contouring and face-slimming benefits. It seems like every beauty-conscious, glamorous women are using it. f you’re wondering why everyone seems to be using this small and fancy-looking tool, we’re here to enlighten you about what it does, what it doesn’t do, and how you can use it.

What is a jade roller?

A jade roller is like a miniature paint roller used to massage the skin, especially on the face and neck area. Instead of having a sponge at the end of a metal handle, a jade roller has an oblong-shaped piece of pure jade. Some jade rollers have double ends – a larger stone intended for the cheeks, jawline, neck, and forehead; and a smaller stone at the other end for use under the eyes. It is common to find green jade rollers since it’s the natural color of jade, but you can also find rose quartz versions of this tool.

The practice of using jade rollers comes from the 17th-century Chinese beauty rituals of using jade for massaging the skin by the empresses and members of high society in China. It is believed that jade has a spiritual component that symbolizes purity, prosperity, and tranquility. It’s also used for its ability to absorb negative energy and give an overall feeling of “zen.”

According to different internet sources (and claims of beauty vloggers), jade rollers are said to remove toxins from the skin, decrease dark circles on eye bags, smooth fine lines, relieve acne breakouts, brighten skin, calm inflammation and ease headaches. Sounds like a magical beauty tool, right?

What does it really do?

First of all, jade rollers do massage your face. It can bring the feeling of a facial, with an aesthetician’s cold hands massaging the skin over your face. As it massages your skin, it performs lymphatic drainage, a technique used to drain the lymph nodes to remove tension or stiffness in the face. After massaging with a jade roller, your face feels relaxed.

Jade rollers also de-buff your face. It eliminates puffiness as it massages the lymphatic system, which helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. Or face can store excess water and be inactive in removing toxins. Massaging is the key to push excess water that causes the puffiness. When the lymph is flowing freely in your face, the result is a clearer and healthier skin minus the buildup of toxins and fluids. Jade rolling can also help de-bloat your face.

Jade rollers also aid in blood circulation in the face. It brings fresh blood and oxygen to the skin, making it look more vibrant and healthy. After continued use, the increased circulation can brighten your complexion. It can also reduce swelling.

The coolness of the jade can soothe your skin to release tension and stress. For extra coolness, you can store it inside the fridge. Because of this, a jade roller can also indirectly ease acne breakouts. It’s possible that the massaging motion of the jade roller can help stimulate hormones that have a relaxing effect, lowering stress levels – which, can, in turn, prevent acne breakouts. But simply avoid using too much pressure on skin that already has acne, since this can lead to further breakouts and inflammation. And also, wipe the roller gently with a damp cloth to clean it before and after use to prevent using it to spread dirt to your face, which can further worsen acne.

They say jade rollers allow skin care products to better penetrate the skin. However, most experts agree that it’s not true. The jade roller acts like a spreader – if you jade roll a serum or oil on your face, it helps you spread it more evenly, but it doesn’t help it get absorbed more deeply into the skin.

However, it does help facial products to be absorbed more easily into the skin. Jade is a cool stone, and cold temperatures are frequently used in facials because it has the effect of drawing something more easily on the skin. After applying a serum or oil, use a jade roller and you don’t need to wait for a few minutes for the product to get soaked in. You can apply the next layer of product for your skin care routine, let’s say a moisturizer or cream, right away.

How do you use it?

Before you use a jade roller, make sure your face is clean. You don’t want to rub any dirt or makeup deeper into your skin. But don’t rub on dry skin. You don’t like to be massaged on the body without oil right? The same thing goes with jade rollers – you’d want to add a serum, oil or moisturizer on your face as you jade roll to reduce friction.

In terms of rolling, always go up and out. Don’t roll down, as gravity already does that. Roll repeatedly. Start from the clavicle and move it up to your jawline and neck. Do a sweeping roll under your chin towards the collar bone to the sides of the neck. From the chin, work from the center outward, then upward on your cheeks. Follow along with the lower jawline to under the ear lobe. Work from the nose out to the ears. Then, roll from the center of your hairline towards temples on the right side, then the left. Finally, work under the eyes by rolling from the corner of the eye to the ears.

After every use, wipe it with a damp cloth then dry with a towel. This will help remove the skin care product residues from the jade roller. Don’t use hot water nor soak or submerge it in water to clean. Jade is a porous stone, and submerging it in water can ruin it.

However, the use of a jade roll isn’t for everyone. If you already have a lot of skin conditions on your face, or conditions like eczema or rosacea, don’t try jade rolling your face.

If you have normal skin, do face roll if you feel a lot of congestion or swelling in your face. Roll it as part of your glam skin care routine. If it doesn’t hurt you and it makes you feel good and refreshed, go for it. Continued use of a jade roller can surely help your skin look instantly more awake and energized.