A Budget Beauty Routine

Beauty, quite often, does not come cheap. If you notice that the cost of keeping up with your beauty routine is increasing, consider some very practical tips that will help you save on cost but not on the benefits. Here are ways to go on a budget without trimming your beauty routine.

Go Travel Size.

Travel-sized products are a blessing when budget is tight. You get the exact same products with the exact same formula at a fraction of the full price. However, do the math. Some products are priced in a way wherein you pay more per ounce on the mini versions. Keep in mind that you also need to factor in the cost of the packaging. That said, there are brands that sell mini versions of their products at a cheaper cost than the full versions.

Go travel-sized on products you do not use often. If you are not a highlighter fan, buying one in a smaller size is practical or if you do not often use purple mascara, a mini tube is the better option than the full-sized product that will likely dry out in your drawer because you had buyer remorse.

New to the Game? Try Sample Sizes.

Beauty brands often offer sample sizes on their products for customers to try. Often, these are available for free without purchase or as a gift when you buy from the same brand. Sample sizes are great as emergency pickups and for when you do not want to spend more for a product you haven’t tried before.

Go for Multi-Taskers.

Don’t you just love products that have multiple uses? They do not only save you tons, but they also help unclutter your makeup kit. Look for multi-use items such as lipsticks that do double duty as blush and eyeshadow or eyeliners that also work for the brows.

Get Coupons.

Never underestimate the value of coupons. When you find a good deal, grab it. Coupons help you save up to 50% (or even more) on your favorite beauty products, from makeup to lotions to shampoos. Sometimes, brands would go on sale on specific items. If there’s one product you can use, buy it to enjoy the savings.

Look for deals from new makeup brands as well. Product launches are a rich mine of great makeup and skincare items that could potentially give you great savings and help you discover products that work for your skin type and the look you want.

Go for Sugar Skin.

Exfoliating scrubs are a dime a dozen and while some scrubs do work, others are nothing more than just skin-scratching (we’re looking at you, walnut scrubs!) and water system-ruining concoctions. For a green and effective solution, use brown sugar. Mix 2 parts of sugar to 1 part of your favorite beauty oil (coconut and olive oil work well), then use as a whole-body scrub. Rinse off, apply a moisturizing soap and enjoy soft, smooth skin for days.

For a healthy lip scrub, use the same formula but make a small batch. You can store the scrub in a clean container and seal it. It should keep for a few weeks before you need to prepare the next batch.

Homemade Masks

Ask any beauty guru worth his/her salt and they will probably sing the praises of face sheet masks. We have to confess they do leave the skin quite smooth, plump, and dewy. Sheet masks cost from $2 to $14 a sheet and regular use could set you back by at least a hundred dollars a year. If you want to avoid the expense and the inevitable trash (where else do those masks go when used?), make masks instead. Fruits, grains, honey, store-bought glycerin, and aloe vera are just a few of the multitude of ingredients that can be combined to create a mask that is not only customized to your skin type but is also environmentally friendly as well.

Try Drugstore or No-Name Brands.

Many drugstore beauty products perform just as well or even better than big-name brands. Some of the biggest drugstore and supermarket chains actually have their own products that can be had at a cheaper price and many users, including beauty gurus, trust them.

The same goes for no-name brands, which can be generic products or sold without a specific brand name. You do, however, need to do your research and check out the ingredients list to determine if these products are good for you. Consider researching the product online for more information and user reviews.

Join Beauty Groups.

There are some online beauty groups you can join that could help you keep a great beauty routine even while on a budget. Not all beauty groups are the same, so you may need to scour the internet for a solid option. Beauty groups are dedicated to finding the best personal care deals available, discovering new beauty products and trends, and even scoring great discounts.

And Now for Some Panache…

No beauty routine is ever perfect without perfume. As a finishing touch, a hint of fragrance always sets the mood and gives you an added aura of loveliness. For a beauty routine on a budget, go for some mini version of the product. Perfume samples are usually available in small sample vials that contain about 0.5 to 1.5ml of the liquid. This should give you at least 3 to 5 sprays – more, if you dab the perfume. Keep in mind that this will depend on the type and strength of the perfume. Eau de parfum, for example, wears out slower than eau de toilette, while some perfumes simply have better sillage than others.