8 Easy But Effective Exercises For Senior Citizens

Defying age and being forever young translate differently among individuals.

For some, it’s getting rid of every sign of old-age (wrinkles, folds, and just name it) from the skin.

For others, what’s more important is staying physiologically young and fit even at the age of 70, 75, and beyond.

If you’re a babyboomer or a senior citizen, so to speak, who happens to fall in the latter category, you are in the right place

Right here, I will show you 8 easy but effective exercises to keep you active and physically fit in your senior years. Meanwhile, before we get started, if you’d rather enroll for personal body training, get these effective personal training programs at affordable prices.

So, let’s get to it, group by group.

First off…

Cardio And Aerobic Fitness

Cardio and aerobic exercises are a group of exercises designed to increase your heart rate for the purpose of improving the circulation of air and energy in the body. With your air and energy flow stabilized and improved this way, your weight is under control while your body &mind wellbeing is stimulated as well. See below for the 3 most effective cardio and aerobic fitness exercises.

  • Regular swimming; swimming is a low-impact workout that anyone can make their way to better health. Doing it for a few days every week will help boost both your physiological and mental health. What’s more? Swimming is relaxing, and a good way to refresh on a hot sunny day. You may take a slow stride in the water for over an extended session. Or, preferably, go hard within a short timeframe. Go at your pace and expand your comfort zone, leap by leap.
  • Taking a walk; walking is an opportunity to take a break from the TV screen or your computer screen and connect with the outside world. Enjoy the freshness of the air, connect with nature, and be more in tune with yourself with every step. It even gets better when you’re taking a walk with your pet. But don’t push too hard on yourself. A thousand steps are enough for a day. But don’t hesitate to do more if you can.
  • Cycling down the street; okay, it doesn’t have to always be down the street. In fact, you can opt for the stationary bicycles in the gym if you’d rather not get involved with the rugged terrains around your street or playing the dodging game with incoming vehicles suppose you live in a busy town or city.

Flexibility And Balance

  • Yoga; okay, I know you’re probably rolling your eyeball right now. But see, yoga is not limited to all those scary poses you see on those Pinterest yoga pictures. There are simple and effective yoga asanas for dummies that will help you gain more flexibility and balance. Just hold on to a pose that’s comfortable for you and breathe for a few minutes.
  • Dynamic stretching; while yoga is a static form of stretching, this here requires movements. Dynamic stretching will increase blood circulation and lengthen the muscles around your shoulders, arm, and legs for better locomotion.
  • Pilates; another yoga-like workout to tone and relax the muscles.

Strength Exercises

  • Squats; 10-15 squats a day for anyone in their 70s will help add strength to the glute, stabilize the lower back, and strengthen both feet. And the great thing is, you don’t need a piece of training equipment for this.
  • Leg raises; there’s a lot to be achieved in just raising your legs off the ground and returning them back to the ground repeatedly when sitting down. Leg raising exercise can be done anytime anywhere to refine your body balance, target your hip flexors, and retarget your glutes.