Women’s Skinny Jeans 101: Pairing It With Tops and Shoes for a Casual Look

Decades ago, women’s skinny jeans were considered to be exclusive wear for the runway models and the ones with svelte figures. Yet regardless of body type, the modern woman now looks at this denim as a standard wardrobe staple. It is the perfect getup for off-days and makes your legs look longer than they are. However, if you wear the same thing repeatedly, you may lose some of the appeals it initially held. Therefore, you must know how to work your denim to your advantage, and your casual tops and footwear are important to help you achieve that.


Remember that women’s skinny jeans are not the main highlight of your attire. Everything you wear should complement each other. Your tops can make or break you since that is the first one people see before they get to appreciate the rest of your outfit. Go for skinny jeans that are dark-washed or black to make you look slim. If you want a casual style, go for tops that are simple and have neutral colours. But it might be best to change styles now and then.

– Add a pop of colour to your outfit. Red, gold, and royal blue are just some of the bold colours of your tops.

– Some friends can be cold-weathered, but your jeans will not. Skinnies are great for windy and cold temperatures. Top it with sweaters to create a balance of chunkiness and slimness.

– A button-down shirt is also a good way to take your skinnies to the next level of casual. It can turn your chic look into smart-casual. You can never go wrong with tucked-in whites.

– Blazers look like they belong to go-getters in the corporate world. But if you are all for a casual yet sophisticated look, combine it with a turtleneck or a neutral-coloured shirt to complete your look.


Skinnies are tight denim, especially at the leg area. Other kinds of jeans have specific kinds of shoes for casual wear. But while women’s skinny jeans allow you to wear practically any shoe-type under the sun, some will make you look good in a casual manner.

– Errands will make you run from one place to another. The feet go weary, so you can opt to wear sneakers with a comfy t-shirt.

– Neutral-coloured sandals and flats (beige, tan, white) are perfect for brunch, a morning date, or a few drinks with coworkers after work hours.

– You deserve to have a legit night-out with some friends, especially when you had a stressful work week. Let your hair down and pair up your skinny jeans with some strappy heels.

– Your button-down shirts are the perfect partner for your killer heels.

– A pair of classic pointed-toe pumps and high heels are perfect for a late-night work-related meeting. You will look like a boss, especially when you have a blazer in tow.

– Boots are the standard go-to footwear when wearing skinny jeans. Ensure that the hems of your jeans reach just above classic white or black ankle boots. If you want to be out in style but still want to exude a casual vibe, try out some over-the-knee heeled boots. The pant leg fits like a glove already, so wearing these should not be a problem.

Skinny jeans for women will never go out of style. So whether you dress up or down, a pair of skinnies will always be good to have in your cabinet.

Author Bio: Hannah Gilbert is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.