Women’s harness: details of a bold feminine style

Some accessories not only complement the clothes and help set the accents. Just like clothes, they can serve as a means of expressing one’s opinion on any issue. This may be your political position, attitude to environmental problems, religious issues, or it may be a phenomenon of mass culture or expressed in the struggle for women’s rights.

Bondage style – bold, elegant, creative

Bondage – came into fashion in 2012 and became better known as a harness. It was first shown in New York at High Fashion Week. The harness for woman presented in the collection played the role of an accessory used to emphasize the waist favorably.

What is fetish clothing and how has it influenced modern fashion? The designer presented woman harness complete with an elegant dress. In 2016, bondage took the form of a metal chain that framed the thighs. In another version, the belt is worn on the chest and is decorated with many medallions; a bra and blouse are not supposed in this version.

What do we know about the choker necklace

The classic collar made of leather with spikes for the fashion world did not seem very interesting. Therefore, it was turned into an interesting accessory called a choker, which is made from any material from metal to leather and suede. It is curious that the collar was in vogue as early as the 17th century and was then made of fabric.

In 2016, the gold-colored metal choker came into fashion and was proposed to be worn with tops, blouses and tops. In the same year, all British designers showed clothing collections where the choker was the main decoration.

Today, fetish clothes are actively used both in role-playing games and are sold in a huge assortment in sex shops and accessories stores. A variety of models in leather harness women collection will surprise any fashionista. Just go to Obsessharness, choose the option you like, select the size and buy. Nothing complicated!

The mask is a fetish with strangeness

The mask is another element of fetish culture that suddenly entered the world’s famous catwalks.

It has not yet entered into everyday fashion. Most likely, there is hardly a woman who is able to come to work in a velvet mask and with a strap on harness leather as an accessory. But designers actively use masks at fashion shows when they want to enhance the image of the presented model.

However, given the changes in our lifestyle and style during the COVID-19 pandemic, an accessory in the form of a mask may well be an interesting attribute of your appearance. For example, Lou Austin says, “I wouldn’t be surprised if this pandemic sparks a resurgence in mask-wearing both in bedrooms and on the catwalks – as a sign of belonging to the collective trauma we’ve all endured over the past year.” And we can agree with this.