Why Animal Prints in Fashion Will Always be Trendy

When it comes to fashion, nothing is clearer than the fact that trends come and go. One minute you’re embracing the latest fad and, the next minute, it can feel like that style is old news and no-one is wearing it any longer. It can make it really hard to keep up with the current trends, as you constantly have to be updating your wardrobe – or do you?

While trends come and go, there are some styles that manage to last season after season and just always appears on the top runways. One such style is animal print. But why does animal print seem to have such lasting power? Let’s take a look at why it seems to remain trendy season after season, year after year.

Animal Print Acts as a Neutral

Here’s something you may not realize about animal print, but it often acts as a neutral when it comes to putting your outfit together. The very colors found in animal print tend to be neutrals, which means you can start with that print and then add pops of color if you like. This means you can easily wear a statement animal print dress paired with a brightly colored pair of shoes or purse and it will still work.

It Spans Across Age Groups

Another reason animal print has lasting power is that it manages to appeal to all age groups. Those in their 20s are just as likely to reach for this print as those in their 60s. It truly has universal appeal, which is extremely difficult to achieve when it comes to fashion trends.

There is a Lot of Versatility

Animal print also offers a lot of versatility in that people get to add their own twist to it. They can choose to go all out with the print, or just a little touch of it. It allows the wearer to be creative and add their own sense of style. What’s fun about animal print too is that it can be just as easily dressed up as dressed down – making it perfect for casual wear, office wear, and a night out on the town.

It’s Easy to Find

In order for a style to be universally appealing, it needs to be easily accessible and animal print checks off this box as well. You’ll have no problem finding animal print clothing, shoes, purses, jackets, and so forth. It’s widely available and at all different price points. You can also come up with your own deisgn, get custom printed t shirts in bulk.

Designers Embrace It

Finally, there is the fact that season after season, designers seem to embrace animal print. By having it consistently appear on the runways and in fashion magazines, it keeps the print current and in-demand. Animal prints in fashion aren’t new, and it’s not a trend that just a small handful of designers are embracing. Again, it has that universal appeal, even among designers.

When it comes to fashion trends with true lasting power, animal print definitely sits high on the list. Don’t expect for this trend to be disappearing any time soon.