What is Dermapen And How It Works?

If you have not used a Dermapen before or have not undergone a Dermapen treatment yet, then it’s about time for you to know what Dermapen is and how it works to your skin.Basically, a Dermapen is a small handheld device which looks like a pen, used for microneedling and needle mesotherapy. Dermapen is comparable to the derma roller. They are used for the same purpose (such as collagen induction therapy) but the Dermapen works in a more different way. Furthermore, the Dermapen is an electrically-powered skin needling tool that is distinct from the derma roller, which is otherwise intended for home use. Just like the derma roller, the Dermapen could be the key to a younger-looking skin!

Dermapen was first developed in Australia. This device and the treatment itself employ traditional Chinese technique for acupuncture. Only here in the Dermapen treatment, the goal is not to reduce pain but to improve the condition and appearance of the skin.

The Dermapen has twelve needles at the tip. As you use the Dermapen and roll it over to the areas of the skin that are being treated, these twelve needles puncture and perforate the epidermis (the skin’s top and outermost layer) without damaging it. The Dermapen is held vertically – just like you would with a regular pen – over the skin. When the Dermapen is turned on, its motor starts and this action causes the needle to move back and forth quite briskly, making the tiny punctures on the skin.

These punctures made by the Dermapen will create tiny infiltration holes, which initiate the skin to produce collagen and elastin – proteins which help the skin to repair and heal itself. This results to the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, making it more smooth, supple and glowing than before. Yes, that is the same self-healing process of the skin when you use a derma roller.

Dermapen uses the unique patented AOVNTM technology – AOVN means “Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needling” which is designed to provide increased comfort for the patient. With this technology, epidermal damage will be greatly minimized combined with little to no downtime for the patient. That means the patient can return to his or her normal routine after the completion of the treatment.

The Dermapen microneedles are constructed from either surgical steel or molybdenum, which additionally reduces the risk of allergies. These microneedles are interchangeable and disposable. Keep in mind that these needles are for a single use only to prevent contamination and infection, so for the safety of the patient, re-using the needles is strongly discouraged.

The Dermapen is typically used to reduce face wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and stretch marks. When the skin is injured and wounded, it forms a scar as a part of the body’s healing process. Therefore, when your skin is punctured by microneedling, it will cause the skin to initiate healing. Thus, the damaged skin will be replaced with a new skin.

For treating fine lines and wrinkles, the punctures made by the Dermapen will trigger the production of collagen and elastin. This in turn will cause the skin to become taut and thickened, leaving the skin smooth, supple and younger-looking.

The Dermapen is also ideal to treat other skin conditions, such as permanent skin damage, dried and dehydrated skin, skin that has been damaged by the sun, hyperpigmentation, post-traumatic scars, cellulite, baldness, and flaccid skin.