UGears 3D Puzzles for adults: combine business with pleasure!

Wooden toys have always been distinguished by their aesthetic appeal, and they can rightfully be considered fashionable at all times. Exclusive 3D puzzles for adults from the Ukrainian manufacturer UGears are made of the highest quality wood according to the author’s drawings. They are designed as accurately as possible and only require desire and a little patience to assemble them.

UGears 3D puzzles are elegant designs of:

  • cars
  • ships
  • airplanes
  • steam locomotives
  • flying dragons
  • dancing ballerinas
  • secret decor like the Treasure Box model

 After assembly, these wooden puzzles not only delight with a unique appearance but also move, spin, drive, tick, and function perfectly, confirming all the laws of mechanics and physics.

Applicability of 3D Puzzles

While many home education products have a recommended age range, the scope of use of a wooden mechanical puzzle is so diverse that it is suitable for different ages and developmental levels.

Worth mentioning is the company’s popular bestseller, the world’s first musical instrument ­ the Hurdy-Gurdy puzzle. The assembly of such 3D wooden puzzles for adults develops, teaches in practice basic physical and mechanical laws, develops perseverance, and allows relaxing both in body and emotion.

You can assemble UGears mechanical models without glue or additional tools. All elements are extruded from plywood plates and fastened together according to the principle of a 3D puzzle. The gears that drive the figures and the control levers are attached using elastic bands. Their subsequent winding will become the driving force of the finished mechanical model.

UGears wooden model kits for adults and children encourage communication. An evening with a puzzle will allow you to combine business with pleasure — it is interesting to spend time with your family or friends and train logical and imaginative thinking, attention, perception. You don’t have to worry about security as wooden puzzles are not dangerous and are 100% environmentally friendly.