Types of sneakers NZ for fitness, work, party, casual and tour

There are only a couple of reasons why you would need to have a different set of shoes in your wardrobe. Among them, the top three are fitness, party, travel, and casual. It doesn’t matter if you are a youngster or not, these are things you practice every day. If you are not traveling, you are working, if you are not working, you are exercising, no exercise, workout it is. So, you need at least a couple of pairs of sneakers NZ that should fit your bill in all of these categories. After all, by now we have realized that not all shoes are made to be worn all time. So, are you looking for shoes in any of these categories? Maybe there is a trip coming up and you need a pair of sneakers nz. Our joyous resolution is to join the gym this year, you would need a pair for that as well.

Whatever your facet, we have got a comprehensive list of shoes you can wear in the event you plan to visit. Let’s begin.

For travel, sports, and adventure

1. Boots

There are a couple of categories of boots you can shop for. These include – ankle, knee-high, laced, and thigh-high boots. The best ones you can get here would be the ankle or knee-high boots. They are the best for outdoor adventures like horse riding among others

2. Sports shoes

If you indulge in activities including trekking and other sporting activities like badminton and squash and tennis, a pair of sports shoes will surely go a long way. They are comfortable, provide the right amount of grip, and give no pain whatsoever.

3. Flat

If you are one of those casual travelers who prefer comfort above everything else, flats are a great option. They are comfortable, painless, and soothing to your legs.

For Work

1. Boots

You can go with plain but classy ankle-length or knee-high boots to your work. This works best if you are obliged to wear professional clothes. Boots go well with professional clothes. But try to restrict yourself to the only ankle and knee.

2. Wedges

Multiple wedges are not as discomforting as a heel but provide a good grip to your feet. If you have got a lot of walking in your job but still want to look stylish, wedges can be the perfect fit.

3. Heels

If you spend most of your time sitting, you can try out heels. They are very elegant and give you that extra bit of confidence that you always want when going into a meeting or a presentation.

For fitness

1. Sneakers nz/sports shoes

There are only a few options you can choose from when it comes to workout shoes, it’s sneakers. You can get sports sneakers if you indulge in a lot of leg work be it on the treadmill, elliptical, or cycle.

2. Flat shoes/basketball shoes

If you are going to indulge in some hardcore weight lifting it is advised that you go for flat shoes. They are best for weightlifting. The flat surface provides the right amount of balance you need while lifting weights.

For casual

1. Wedges

A pair of wedges can work in any kind of scenario. If there is a wedding, an event, or just another day strolling down the park, you can wear a pair of wedges anytime. In short, wedges make the best casual wear.

2. Loafers

If you have got a good amount of height, the best way to enjoy casual comfort is to go for loafers. There are varied kinds of loafers you can select and they often come in much cheap.

3. Sandals

The most traditional kind of casual wear, sandals are your best friend when it comes to casual wear. They are comfortable, provide all the air your feet need, and last pretty long. So, if you want your feet to breathe when you go out for a walk, we’re a pair of sandals.

For the party

4. Heels

Heels are for parties. Put on a gorgeous dress and match them up with a pencil heel and you will look as stunning as it can get.

5. Wedges

There are multiple designs and styles of wedges you can go for when choosing footwear for a party. They are stylish and much more comfortable than heels.

6. Sneakers

The latest trend in party wear is a pair of sneakers. A pair of tighty whities will surely steal the show for you.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with the list?