Types of Handbags for Women

It is not an exaggeration to say that handbags can make or break your look. Your handbag must suit you, your dress and the occasion. This is why women generally have multiple handbags at home, in different colors, materials, shapes, and even brands.

With people becoming more environmentally conscious, handmade and sustainably produced bags such as the Moses bag from le panier bags are increasingly preferred by women of all ages and statures in society.

The article delves into some must-have bags for your wardrobe.

Shoulder bag

Those handbags that hang from one shoulder are called shoulder bags. Though they are available in various sizes, they are primarily designed so that they can hold all your essentials.

These bags are perfect to be used for professional and casual situations. Take them to a friend’s place or dinner; they will not fail to impress others. The Moses bags from Le panier bags are an excellent choice if you love shoulder bags, as they are not only 100% natural, making them sustainable, but also waterproof, making them very useful for all women.


Most satchels are medium-sized and have two small handles. They appear like soft briefcases and are sturdy. They have considerable space inside to hold magazines, books, and laptops. With a high-quality leather satchel, you can achieve the perfect corporate look.

You may also carry it to your college for a unique and enhanced look. Satchel bags generally come with a long shoulder strap to allow easy handling.


If you are traveling somewhere with a lot of luggage and cannot afford to hold a handbag, you need something that lets you move hands-free. As the name suggests, a crossbody has a single strap, and you can heighten your style by carrying it wherever you go.

It’s not easy to pay attention to your bag at all times, but if you have your phone, wallet, and other valuables inside, you have no choice but to watch it like a hawk at all times. With a crossbody bag, you can rest assured that it will stay with you at all times. Besides, when you wear a crossbody bag, its weight does not bother you much. They are also comparatively cheap, so you can buy ones in different sizes, materials, and colors to use for different occasions.

Tote bag

If you have a kid and have to take out things like food packets, water bottles, and toys within moments for your little couch potato, nothing can be better than a tote bag. It is a massive bag with one compartment and gives you enough space to put in many things at a time.

As they carry different items in large quantities, the material used is usually casual hard fabric like nylon or canvas. You may also take it to the office with files and papers safely and neatly stacked in it.

That tote has been one of the most preferred women bags in history. Its versatility, effortless style and ability to complement any outfit has made the tote rise in prominence and appeal. You can get a tote bag across price points and brands. In many cases, this is the go-to option for women confused about carrying a bag.

Woven basket bag

For the boho style lovers reading this piece, the woven basket bag in wicker, straw, or rattan is an ideal handbag. Since it first etched its name in the fame register, the style has slipped in and out. The seashell, beads, and fringes are ideal for vacationing to seaside countries. Pair it with a maxi dress, jeans skirt, trousers, or a pair of shorts.

Hobo bag

It might appear a little slouchy on the first look, but this age-old model is more glamorous than you’d think. You can take it with you when you travel with friends or go on a casual weekend trip. Some designs are more structured than others, so choose the one that best represents you as a person.

Messenger Bag

Messenger bags get their name by being the type of bags typically carried by postmen. However, the versions available in the market today are much more glamorous and chic.

Canvas, leather, and faux leather are some of the most common materials to make messenger bags. These bags have a signature style and feature a thick, long, and sturdy strap. They are rectangular in shape and come with one large front flap.

Bowler Bag

The straps of a bowler bag are strong, thick, and short, enabling you to carry it easily without fear of it getting ripped. The bag is medium-sized and, as the name suggests, is inspired by bags that carry bowling balls.

You can keep several things inside the many pockets of these bags. They are great for a dressy dinner date or a casual day out. These bags have been there since the 1990s.

Aside from being a fashion statement, handbags reflect your preferences, lifestyle and represent who you are as an individual. So, choose your handbags carefully and make sure to add to your arsenal the ones that make you comfortable and confident.