Trends to try in 2021

Every year new trends emerge around the world. It can be trends in style and fashion, but it can also be more general trends, like new hobbies or things people try, such as bouldering or sushi. With the internet becoming a popular place for new hobbies and trends, it can be a good idea to be aware of the newest internet trends and what to look out for in the future. With new trends emerging it can be a good idea to try the newest trends and see if it can help make one’s life a bit more exciting.


For many people in 2021, investing in stocks through apps like Robinhood, has been the newest thing to try and some people have even made a lot of money through their investments. Investing can seem really advanced, but luckily there are a lot of resources one can use to help pick the right stocks to invest in, when using a commission free app like Robinhood. Other kinds of investments can include investing in different kinds of fonds, bonds or perhaps even cryptocurrency, where the market is never closed. Investing can be both an exciting hobby, but also an investment into one’s future.

Learning a new kind of software

With Adobe having collected all their different types of creative software in their creative cloud, it is easier than ever to become a creative wizard and expressing oneself creatively.  Becoming good at using software, such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro or InDesign is not only a good idea for a fun hobby, but it can also help bolster one’s resume and create more options for career development.

Outdoor trends

Another way to try new things in 2021, is to try out new outdoor trends, such as bouldering or mountain biking. It can be a good way to improve one’s health while also having fun outdoors. Outdoor activities, such as hiking can also be a good way to explore different areas and get some good memories. Hiking can also be combined with other activities, such as camping or rock climbing. Outdoor activities are a good thing to try if you’re looking for a new hobby, that doesn’t cost a lot and doesn’t have a closing time. They provide a different kind of freedom than indoor hobbies but can still be enjoyed as a group or an individual.

Teaching English

Teaching English as a foreign language has been around forever but a trend that has accelerated massively due to covid 19 is the shift to online learning. taking up this kind of work is a side hustle for some and possibly a new career path for others

There is such a big demand worldwide for teachers that all it takes is becoming qualified with an online TEFL and applying for some positions.