Tips to dress up for a semi-formal event

It is very pleasing to see your loved ones tying knots with their soul-mate. However, choosing what to wear on their big day is a pain.

For a wedding event, most ladies go for a semi-formal dress because they don’t want to upstage the bride. You can easily dress up with sensible semi-formal attire if you know what semi-formal exactly means.

Many times, we find a semi-formal dress code at the bottom of the wedding invitation card. This dress code is also specified when you are invited for formal meetings with your bosses. Whether you have a particular dress code to follow or not, get yourself dressed up in a semi-formal costume and look trendy. We have some amazing tips that can help you retain your charming look:

Choose colours sensibly

When it comes to choosing an appropriate semi-formal dress, sometimes you have to be cautious about choosing colours also. You can also go a little formal even when you have chosen the right colour blend according to the event. For example, if it is a daytime birthday event and you want to pull it together with some blue shades, going with a decent blue colour formal dress is also acceptable so click here for navy blue formal dress now.

Don’t go for the too short or too long dress

A semi-formal dress is somewhere between super casual and super formal. This means you are required to maintain a balance. When it comes to choosing a dress with appropriate length, you are recommended to never go for a too-short dress like a mini skirt or full-length toe to head gowns.

Semi-formal fancy maxi which is a medium-length dress can be the best semi-formal attire whether you want to attend a wedding or a meeting at your office.

A medium-length frock or maxi with a subtle blend of sophistication and decency is a unique look you can nail. We recommend you to go with a simple dress such as off the shoulder frock, a shoulderless prom dress or any other style with a very reasonable amount of embellishment.

Do not overstate your dress with accessories

The number one styling rule especially when you are getting dressed up with your semi-formal costume is to never over-accessorize yourself. However, if you love wearing necklaces and another jewellery pairing with your dress, always go for the small and elegant jewellery piece.

When it comes to accessorising yourself, it is not about jewellery always. In winters, choosing scarves and mufflers with hats is also like accessorising yourself. Always keep your semi-formal attire in mind while choosing any accessory

Try beautifully printed floral frocks

Frocks are always in style and can be the best part of your wardrobe of semi-formal dresses. A printed silk frock with a belted waist is the best semi-formal dress that can be paired with a pencil heel. You can kill this look without any accessory and with simplicity and elegance.