Tips on Buying Women’s Tall boots

With the wide variety of women’s shoes available in stores and online, women just can’t get enough. They say, a woman can have different types of shoes, but there will always be constants and must-haves in their wardrobe. One of them would definitely be tall boots.

Have you heard of tall boots? Also known as calf boots, these belong to the many types of women’s boots. The coverage tall boots have lies between ankle boots and knee-high boots. These are ideal for use in places and seasons that are cold. Usually flat-heeled and made of sturdy material, this is effective in keeping your calves down to your toes warm especially during winter.

If you are planning to buy one for yourself, it would be a good idea to know how to make the best selection among the other models. To make your shopping a breeze, we have prepared a useful guide that you can use when buying a pair of tall boots.

How to Get the Best Tall Boots for You

Before shopping for one, you have to get the most important information first. You have to know your calf circumference and shaft height. Women have different calf sizes, so you should know which size you belong to.

You can start the process by measuring the widest area of the calf for your calf circumference. Then measure starting from the bottom part of the feet just where the arch is found up to the part where you want the boot to hit. This leaves you with your shaft height.


Since getting tall boots require various measurements to find the right pick, you may want to get boots that allows adjustments. Would you want to have boots designed with buckles or laces? These allow changes for comfort; however, those who are more focused on aesthetics may not be leaned on the idea.

Color and Style

Since women are inclined to getting shoes that compliment their overall outfit, it would be good to decide on the color you want. To get you an idea on what to choose, you can take a peek of your wardrobe and determine a hue that will match your wardrobe’s color scheme. This makes it easier for you to match it with any type of outfit you have.

As for the style, you can choose whether you want to go for boots that have straighter lines or those that are a bit slouchy. This can sometimes set a tone in terms of casual or formal wear. This applies to the fit it has on the ankles as well. Do you want a loose one or one with a tight fit?

Answering these questions will automatically give you an idea as to what type of tall boots you are to go for. There is a variety available like tall boots for narrow calves and wide calves. All you have to do is choose.

Choose the Material You Want

Boots are generally available in leather or suede. These are just some of the most popular choices women go for. However, this will always depend on your preference. Would you want to go for leather or suede?

The difference between the two would be that suede gives a softer, comfortable and gentler feel. As for leather, it would be harder and warmer as compared to suede. However, the price difference between the two would be different as suede is more affordable compared to leather. On the other hand, durability-wise, leather is more sturdy and durable than suede.

It is important to be decisive on which material you want your tall boots to be in. Weather conditions such as rain and snow can also be a factor when making the decision. Will water be absorbed or penetrating the insides of the boots? Will it be easy to clean when drenched in mud or dirt? Think about your lifestyle and existing environment and then choose the material that can benefit you the most.


Once you have settled the functionality and fit that you want, you can now decide on aesthetics. Do you want to have heels or no heels? If you are to use this for casual occasions and daily wear, it would be good to get one with an inch or no heels at all. But if you are to wear this as a part of an outfit for special occasions, having heels can definitely help you rock your wardrobe.


Tall boots are amazing fashion finds. Apart from aesthetics, these are also extremely important in keeping your feet comfortable and well-protected. But why settle for one when you can have both aspects satisfied? Using the following pointers mentioned above, you can definitely get a proper fitting tall boots for yourself. Just make sure to be precise with what you want and what you need.